What is Fenistil Gel? What Does It Do? How to Use and Side Effects

What is Fenistil Gel? What? How to use and side effects Fenistil gel is one of the creams that are good for itching. It is very effective in insect bites, rashes and itching on the skin surface. Fenistil gel is one of the creams used in babies and children as it is one of the creams that do not contain medication.
Usually itchiness caused by itching or insect bites passes effectively within minutes. In addition, Fenistil gel, which is effective on burns and sunburn, is used in the treatment of redness and chickenpox.

What is Fenistil gel in this article? I will try to give information about what it does, where it is used and its side effects. You will also find detailed information about Fenistil gel users in the rest of our article.

What is Fenistil Gel? What?

Fenistil cream is a colorless and odorless gel medicine containing 0.1% (1 mg / g) dimethylene maleate as the active ingredient. This cream, which is sold in sealed boxes of 30 grams in the pharmacy, is available on prescription. Each 1 g gel contains 1 mg dimethindene maleate.

The cream belongs to the class of drugs called topical antihistamines. This cream, which takes effect 1-2 minutes after application, quickly eliminates skin problems and itching.

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Where Fenistil Gel is used

Fenistil cream and gel is one of the most used and useful creams. Usage areas of this cream, which shows its effect immediately especially in insect bites;

  • Itching due to non-inflammatory skin diseases (dermatosis),
  • Rash (urticaria),
  • Insect bite
  • It is used for sunburn and small superficial burns.
  • Allergic skin problems

In addition, although fenistil is not recommended for acne, it is effective against acne, users have said that it is good for acne.

How to use Fenistil Gel

You should take care to use the cream in a way that your doctor has not told you. The method of use should be applied as a thin layer to the itchy or problematic skin area, unless otherwise specified. Use 2 or 4 times a day.

The cream works for 1 week depending on regular use. If you do not get definitive results within 1 week, you should stop using the cream and consult your doctor.

If it is to be used on babies and children, it should never be applied to large surfaces and should not be open wounds and burns.

Side Effects of Fenistil Gel Cream

Besides being effective, the cream has some side effects. Generally, side effects are more common in people who are allergic to the active ingredients in the cream. Known side effects and harms;

  • Rare: mild skin dryness, mild burning sensation.
  • Very rare: allergic skin reactions.

Fenistil Gel users

In the comments made by the users of Fenistil cream and Fenistil gel, they said that this gel, which has an effect on itching and pain in insect bites, is also good for sunburn. Fenistil gel users claim that they frequently use this cream for itching and skin problems in children, on the doctor’s recommendation.

It is also known that those who want to use this cream wonder whether the weakly used fenistil gel contains cortisone. Cream is not cortisone. Since Fenistil gel users often ask whether Fenistil gel is applied to wounds, burns or pimples, the answer to this question should never apply to acne, scars or burns.

Is it used during pregnancy?

Fenisatil gel is not used in pregnancy without a doctor’s advice. It also doesn’t apply if there is inflammation or injury. It is never applied to the nipple or breast during breastfeeding.

Can Fenistil gel be used on babies?

Although it is used for babies and children, it is not applied if there is inflammation, peeling and skin problems in the area where the cream is applied. In addition, it should not be applied to large skin areas.

Can Fenistil Gel be applied to the genital area?

Fenistil gel should be applied to the genital area in small amounts once a day. Fenistil gel is never used if there is fungus or discharge in the genital area.

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Can Fenistil Gel be applied to the face?

The cream is used if there is no scar, peeling or acne on the face. Fenistil gel is used only on the problem area and never applied to the whole face.

Is Fenistil gel good for eczema?

Although it is not an eczema cream, it is used for itchy eczema and prevents itching and irritation caused by eczema.

Fenistil Gel Price

Fenistil gel’s price is 16 TL. This prescription cream is paid by the government if it has been prescribed for you.

Is Fenistil gel good for sunburn?

Fenistil gel is an effective cream against sunburn. In addition, when used for sunburn, it immediately prevents pain and ache.

Can Fenistil Gel be applied under the eyes and around the eyes?

It should not be applied around the eyes or under the eyes. Applying a thin, delicate layer under the eyes and around the eyes can cause irritation.

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