These two drugs in every home can cause death

Corvalol and valocordin are probably the most generally used sedatives in the post-Soviet house.

Many people, particularly the older technology, use these drugs throughout anxiousness, stress, coronary heart ache and anxiousness, hypertension. Nonetheless, uncontrolled consumption of those drugs could be very dangerous and can result in many severe problems and even death. The usage of these drugs has lengthy been banned in Europe and America. However why are these drops, which we think about “innocent”, so harmful?

To start with, let us take a look at their composition. The composition of those two drugs is nearly the identical. The primary lively ingredient in them is phenobarbital. It’s a highly effective psychotropic substance. Beforehand, phenobarbital was used in the therapy of sufferers with epilepsy. Phenobarbital inhibits all mind capabilities. This additionally applies to very important capabilities (respiratory operate, coronary heart operate), which is so harmful that overdose or uncontrolled long-term use of the drug can even result in cardiac arrest. That is very true for older folks, and docs report such circumstances every 12 months.

It takes as much as 4 days for phenobarbital to be fully eradicated from the physique, and in consequence, the substance can accumulate in the physique. This will increase the dangerous results of the substance on the physique. Phenobarbital additionally causes irritation that an individual can not stay with out.

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Carvalol and valocordin have a powerful inhibitory impact on the human mind. In consequence, an individual could turn out to be inattentive, have reminiscence loss, a pointy drop in blood strain, and dizziness.

Given all this, consultants advocate utilizing these two drugs solely after consulting a physician.

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