What is Fucidin Cream? What Does It Do? How to use? Side effects

What is Fucidin Cream?  What Does It Do?  How to use?  Side effects

Fucidin cream; The active ingredient in fucid, which is often used to treat acne and skin problems, is fusidic acid. Frequently prescribed for acne, inflamed acne and skin sores, fucidin prevents infection and bacterial growth and helps relieve milk problems for a short time.

What is Fucidin Cream?

FUCIDIN is supplied in 20 g aluminum tubes. Fusidic acid, which is the active ingredient of FUCIDIN; It is an antibiotic and has a strong antibacterial effect (destroying bacteria or inhibiting their growth) on many microorganisms.

It is used in the treatment of skin diseases caused by organisms sensitive to FUCIDIN.

What does Fucidin cream do?

Fucidin creamIn addition to its ability to clear acne, it prevents bacterial growth. In this way, harmful bacteria cannot settle and multiply on your skin. Thus, acne formation is prevented. Fucidin creamThe standard application period is twenty-one days. Fucidin cream People who start treatment with it begin to benefit from the first day. If the drug is effective, it should be continued without a break. It is a very wrong behavior to stop using everyone and get effectiveness from the drug as soon as they make the mistake they made. Discontinuation of the application can improve the immune system of the bacteria in the skin and will not affect the next treatment process. For this reason, the application process of the product should continue with the instructions written by the pharmacist and the manufacturer of Fucidin Cream.

Fucidin creamIt is recommended not to apply to lips and eyes. This cream developed for acne is a highly effective antibacterial. Based on this, it is used in infectious eczema, skin acne due to infections, inflammation of the hair follicle and sweat glands. What does Fucidin cream do? The first area where he works to answer the question is acne.

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Fucidin cream content

Fucidin Acne Cream contains fusidic acid. Fusidic acid eliminates skin rashes with other mixtures it contains. It destroys the bacteria that cause inflammation and prevents them from multiplying. It is also used as a therapeutic drug in atopic eczema disease. It prevents symptoms caused by sun exposure. In cases of itchy inflammation Fucidin acne cream It is a solution-containing medicine.

Warnings for Fuciden Cream users

Fucidin acne cream You should use it under the supervision of a doctor. You should not take into account the rumors you hear from left to right. You should not use the drug without checking any substance you are allergic to. Treating acne with FucidinBacteria should be cleared from your skin within 3-4 days from the day it started. If such a situation does not occur, you should definitely consult a doctor. During treatment, you should keep your skin away from damage, poor quality soaps and direct sunlight. You should keep the medicine in a cool place out of the reach of children. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use it.

How to apply Fuciden cream

Fucidin cream It should be applied as specified. The way of use may vary depending on the skin type. If you apply according to the recommendations of your doctor or pharmacist, we can say that it will be effective in a short time. Although most creams on the market are beneficial for regular use Fucidin cream more effective than these creams. Fucidin cream It is applied to the acne area 2 or 3 times a day with the advice of your doctor.

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Side effects of Fucidin cream

All medicines marketed have specific side effects. Fucidin cream also; Skin thinning, abdominal pain and throat swelling are seen. In case of effects other than those listed, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. If you experience the effects listed above, you should inform your doctor that the medicine was prescribed for you. Fucidin cream Almost all of the users claim that they got positive results from the treatment and their skin became very smooth.

Fucidin Krem User Reviews

What does Fucidin cream do?After answering your question Fucidin cream users We have compiled their feedback for you.

  • The armpit was darkened, I bought it for it, I also read that it is good for acne on the internet, it really worked.
  • This cream I tried after waxing cleared my acne completely.
  • I go to laser for my face, we use it for about 1 year, it removes needle marks and acne.
  • After waxing, I always cleared my pimples and now I apply Fucidin cream to prevent acne after waxing.

Fucidin Cream Price

Fucidin acne cream has a great effect but is quite affordable. Recipe Fucidin cream price It is sold for 12 TL in pharmacies.

All questions about Fucidin Cream

Is Fucidin Cream Good For Athlete’s Foot?

Fucidin cream, which is good for yeast infections, should not be used without a doctor’s advice.

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Do you put Fucidin cream in your mouth?

Fucidin cream or fucidin ointment is never used on mouth sores unconsciously.

Is Fucidin cream used in babies?

It is not used in babies or children.

Is Fucidin cream applied to lips?

Fucidin cream is applied in a very small amount to cold sores or sores on the lips.

Is Fucidin cream used in the genital area?

Fucidin cream should be used as a thin layer in the genital area as recommended by your doctor.

How many times a day is Fucidin cream used

It should be used 2 or 3 times in the problem area.

Does Fucidin cream contain cortisone?

Fucidin cream or ointment is not a cortisone cream.

Can you get Fucidin cream without a prescription?

The cream is sold by prescription in pharmacies. You can get it by consulting your doctor.

Is Fucidin cream good for vaginal yeast infections?

For vaginal yeast infections, your doctor will recommend yeast creams instead of this cream.

The difference between Fucidin cream and ointment

Learning the difference between cream or ointment. What is the difference between cream and ointment? You can take a look at our article.

Can Fucidin cream be applied to the face?

The cream is applied only to the problem area and definitely not to the entire face.

Also in our other article Best acne creams You can get detailed information about other acne creams by reading our article about it.

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