What is the yield ?

Yield means the sum of any product obtained in a single 12 months in agriculture.

Yield refers to the quantity of product obtained at the finish of a manufacturing season.

To find out the product whereas it is on the department, that is, earlier than it is harvested. “estimated yield”, to be decided after harvesting “actual yield” is known as.

To present an instance of hazelnut, the actual yield is from the product of that 12 months; It is the sum of the quantity of hazelnuts exported, consumed domestically, and saved in private and non-private sector warehouses, if any, and the hazelnuts that hazelnut producers reserve and devour as snacks.

Nonetheless, the harvest in query is a business yield and reveals the quantity of hazelnuts purchased and offered in the market.


The phrase yield is of Italian origin.
In accordance with TDK, the which means of the phrase yield is as follows:

– All of the merchandise compiled in a 12 months in agriculture

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