What is dollarization ?

dollarization; is the abandonment of nationwide currencies by people or establishments and using overseas foreign money.

Dollarization, additionally known as foreign money substitution, is the adoption of a overseas foreign money as a substitute of the native foreign money for numerous causes.

It is often the case in international locations with weak authorities and unstable financial setting.


Full dollarization is the case of fully abandoning its personal nationwide foreign money and utilizing a overseas foreign money.

If inflation rises in a rustic, that nation’s nationwide foreign money loses its worth. So as to stop and shield inflation, the demand for stronger and extra dependable foreign currency echange will increase and is most well-liked.

It is the official acceptance of a overseas foreign money apart from the nationwide foreign money by that nation.

Attributable to insecurity and inflation within the monetary system within the nation, people and establishments begin to hold their property and money owed in overseas foreign money.

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If the trade charge of a rustic that trades in overseas foreign money is excessive, transaction prices improve. Full dollarization minimizes and eliminates these transaction prices.

The price of the nation’s borrowing from overseas international locations decreases, thus growing funding and development.

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It eliminates the impact of trade charge within the face of inner and exterior shocks within the financial system. It destroys the Central Financial institution’s management of curiosity and cash provide.


The method of reducing the depth of desire for foreign currency echange corresponding to {dollars} as a substitute of the native foreign money as a measure of transaction, financial savings and worth by particular person and institutional traders is known as reverse dollarization.

The reverse dollarization course of, which suggests a lower in dollarization, can be outlined as reverse foreign money substitution.

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Greenback: Virgin Islands, Ecuador, Panama, Turks and Caicos Islands and so forth.

Euro: Kosovo, Andorra, San Marino, Montenegro, Gibraltar, Montenegro

Ruble: Abkhazia, South Ossetia

Turkish lira: TRNC


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