What is a badge ?

The phrase brove, initially “brevet”; It is a kind of award given to a soldier to indicate that he has achieved an excellent diploma of feat in an vital navy specialty.

Brove, which is a French phrase; It means diploma, certificates, patent and license. It is additionally seen as a certificates of competence given to individuals who have undergone a sure coaching and are in a place to fly an airplane or bounce with a parachute.

It is a declaration of feat given to the troopers serving beneath the Turkish Armed Forces, Coast Guard Command and Gendarmerie Common Command as a reward for his or her excellent service and achievements.

Broves, which can be found in metallic and glossy, will also be embroidered on material. The badges worn on the left pocket and on the coronary heart degree have totally different styles and sizes in line with the uniform kinds.

What is a badge #1


Badges are an award given to troopers who efficiently full their specialization coaching and full the required years of service in a specific task. These badges, that are given as a image of achievements, are worn on the uniforms.

The badges differ in line with the branches of the related Pressure Instructions. For instance; Such because the parachute badge within the Land Forces, the diving badge within the Navy, the anti-terrorism specialist badge within the Gendarmerie Common Command.

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There are 4 totally different badges:

  • Air Pressure Badge
  • Navy Badge
  • Land Forces Badge
  • Gendarmerie Common Command Badge


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