What is Pepecura ?

Pepecura, comprised of black, aromatic Isabella grapes and thought of a sort of fruit jelly, is ceaselessly consumed within the Black Sea area.

Referred to as Pepeçura or Pepeçi, it is one of many indispensable desserts of the folks of the area, particularly in Rize and its districts.


Pepecura is a pudding-like dessert made with components which might be extra widespread in Black Sea delicacies, corresponding to loads of grapes, corn flour and corn starch, distinctive to the Black Sea Area.

Pepecura is a taste that individuals have made a behavior of for years, particularly in Rize, and it is referred to as a sort of candy. This sweet-smelling grape is ready and served in houses, workplaces and patisseries based on folks’s style, with the pores and skin of black grapes and a few additions.

Pepecura is candy with a sort of pudding consistency. It is made within the Japanese Black Sea area of Turkey. It is comprised of black grape should, water, wheat flour and starch or corn flour.

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It is really helpful to eat black grapes with seeds, particularly within the remedy of anemia, abdomen and intestinal problems. Native molasses comprised of Isabella grapes is additionally among the many most consumed merchandise.

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Not like different grape varieties, the Black Sea Area supplies appropriate circumstances as a result of it grows in humid areas.

Pepecura grape is some of the useful fruits with its odor, style and pulp, which can be utilized within the beauty trade by making use of its pulp, aside from the meals sector, with its antioxidant characteristic.

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To make Pepecura:

  • 2 kg Aromatic Black Grapes
  • 1 kg Corn Flour
  • ½ kg Sugar
  • 2 glasses of Water

It is sufficient to combine all of the components on low warmth and cook dinner till it reaches the consistency of custard.

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