What is Hirudoid Forte Gel? What Does It Do? Benefits and Side Effects

What is Hirudoid Forte Gel? What? Benefits and side effects Hirudoid forte gel is one of the creams used for sprains, contusions and injuries caused by impact or accident. Hirudoid forte gel is one of the gel creams prescribed by doctors and is used instead of edema and bruising.
Hirudoid forte gel is one of the effective creams that prevent edema and bruising, especially from bumps. When you apply this cream, blood will not be taken as it is known among the public.

For you in this article What is Hirudoid forte gel?? What? Usage areas and Hirudoid forte gel price Y Hirudoid forte cream users I will try to give detailed information about you. The benefits and side effects of Hirudoid forte cream are in our article.

What is Hirudoid Forte Cream? What

One of the prescription creams, Hirudoid is sold in 40 gram boxes at the pharmacy. The active ingredient in this ointment, a product of Santa Farma İlça company, is mucopolysaccharide polysulfate. Each 100 g gel contains 445 mg of this active ingredient.

Although it is known as a bruise cream among the people, it has an effect that prevents blood clotting and edema. It accelerates the healing process by preventing blood precipitation, bruising and edema as a result of injuries and injuries caused by accidents. It also reduces post-impact pain and pain and eliminates inflammation.

Active ingredient Hirudoid Forte Gel Mucopolysaccharide has been reported to be polysulfate. This active substance prevents the blood, which has an astringent effect, from bruising and bruising. The active ingredient mucopolysaccharide polysulfate is derived from bovine cartilage.

Where and when is Hirudoid Forte Gel used?

This ointment, which has a lot of usage areas, is very useful. Since it is one of the medicines available in almost every home, it should definitely be used in minor accidents and injuries. When is Hirudoid Forte Gel used? The answer to the question;

  • Sun tanning
  • In surgical operations
  • To prevent bruising after nose surgery.
  • Bruises, edema and traumas caused by falls, blows and accidents
  • Superficial phlebitis (vascular inflammation),
  • Blunt injuries with or without hematoma (accumulation of blood leaking into tissue from an injured vein).
  • To prevent blood from accumulating
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How to use Hirudoid Forte Gel

You should take care to use the cream according to your doctor’s instructions. Method of use unless otherwise stated;

It is applied superficially to the problematic area with the help of fingers without pressing. It is usually applied 2 or 3 times a day and is not washed off after the gel is applied. The treatment time is about 10 days. It shows its effect in 1 week on average.

It is applied as a thin coat after impact, fall or sprain and never stays in place. It should be expected to be absorbed through the skin. After applying the cream, never cover it and let it breathe.

Side effects and harm of Hirudoid Forte Gel

Cream is a drug that has both harmful and effective side effects. In general, side effects are more common when used in excessive doses or in people who are allergic to the active ingredient. There may be a sensitivity reaction such as a skin rash. This rash usually resolves quickly when the medication is stopped.

  • Explosion
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Burning, pain and stinging sensation

Absolutely not applicable to open wounds and burns. Eyes should never be rubbed in the open area, nostrils and mouth.

Hirudoid Forte Gel users

Hirudoid forte cream users In their comments, they said that the bruising effect was very good and the effect appeared quickly. Hirudoid forte cream users They often commented that they kept the cream at home and used it to prevent bruising, swelling and blood accumulation in home accidents.

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In addition, those who used this gel said that they got rid of bruises on their feet and ankles after sprains in a short time.

Hirudoid Forte gel price and where to sell

Recipe Hirudoid forte gel price It is sold for 19 TL. If the gel is prescribed for you, the government will cover it. It is sold only in pharmacies.

Can Hirudoid Forte Gel be applied to open wounds?

Hydudoid forte gel It is definitely not used in cases with open wounds, burns and bleeding. In addition, it does not rub against the most sensitive nostrils and mouth. You should avoid eye contact.

Can Hirudoid Forte Gel be used on babies?

The cream is used in babies and children only on doctor’s recommendation. Do not use in children under 12 years of age without consulting your doctor.

Using Hirudoid Forte Gel after nose surgery

Your doctor will prescribe this cream for bruising after surgery and nose surgery.

Is Hirudoid Forte gel cream good for hemorrhoids?

It is never suitable for hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Since it is not a hemorrhoid cream, using it in this direction may cause more harm than good.

Is Hirudoid Forte Gel put under the eyes or is it effective for dark circles?

Applying this more sensitive and thin cream under and around the eyes can cause serious problems. Not suitable for dark circles.

Is it good for acne?

People with acne and acne problems are definitely not recommended to use this cream. It is not effective against acne.

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Is it used in the treatment of varicose veins?

Hirudoid forte gel cream It is one of the frequently used creams in the treatment of varicose veins. This cream is often prescribed for varicose veins and leg ulcers.

How many days does Hirudoid Forte gel cream remove bruises?

When you use the cream as described, it starts to show its effect after 2 days, and it disappears within 1 week depending on the depth and size of the bruises. In addition, when used for blood collection and edema, the problem disappears within 2 to 1 week due to regular use.

Has Hirudoid Forte been applied to the face?

If the problem is on your face, apply to the area where the problem is already and do not apply all over your face. In addition, it is not applied to the mouth, eyes and nose.

Is Hirudoid Forte gel used for wounds and burns?

Although the cream is used to prevent bruising, blood accumulation and edema in wounds and burns, it should never be applied to open wounds or burns.

Hirudoid Forte Gel Pain Relief Mi

It has an analgesic effect in cases of sprain or crushing. It is not used as a pain reliever, but it eliminates inflammation and pain in the area where it is applied.

Use during pregnancy and pregnancy

There is no harm in using it for pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant. It is recommended not to be used within the last 3 months of pregnancy. It is recommended for nursing mothers to use their babies after breastfeeding.

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