What is coumarin ?

Coumarin is a colorless crystalline strong with a candy odor and bitter style resembling vanilla odour.

The ‘coumarin’ substance discovered within the so-called “Chinese language Cinnamon” of cinnamon, which is a sort of tree bark, is thought of carcinogenic by the European Union and US Well being Organizations.

Coumarin is a phytochemical identified for its vanilla-like scent.

Coumarin is present in tonka bean tree, licorice, lavender, strawberry, apricot, cherry, cinnamon, and candy clover.

The explanation why freshly mowed grass smells good is the coumarin in its construction. Coumarin may be discovered free or together with glucose. It is usually utilized in synthetic flavors as a flavoring part.


It is additionally reported that coumarin will increase the quantity of blood within the vessels and reduces capillary permeability. Nevertheless, it is additionally reported that coumarin can have a poisonous impact when utilized in excessive doses for a very long time.

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Cinnamon, which is offered within the open and often called Vietnamese cinnamon, may cause inner bleeding and mind hemorrhage because of the presence of coumarin, a substance that is blood thinner and might enhance liver enzymes.

Consultants advocate selecting thin-skinned cinnamon offered in closed packages and cinnamon produced by firms licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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