What is Miraciye? ?

The Mirac occasion has been the topic of poetic works referred to as “Miraciye” and “Miracname” in Turkish-Islamic literature. Mirajiye, St. These are literary works in regards to the ascension of Muhammad to the sky.

Miraj occasion. It is the ascension of Muhammad (SAV) to the sky to fulfill with God by using Burak.

Hz. These are literary works about Muhammad’s ascension to the sky. It may be the topic of a e book by itself, or it may be included within the works as chapters. It is normally written within the type of qasida and masnavi.

An enthusiastic utterance, didactic options and an inventive model are dominant in Mirajiyes.

Miraciyeler, which has change into a convention to be learn in Mirac lamps over time, tells the Mirac occasion.


How the miracle of Isra and Miraj befell is described within the Qur’an, within the Suras of Isra and Najm. The related verses are as follows:

“How exalted is the one that took his servant Muhammad from Masjid al-Haram to Masjid al-Aqsa, whose environment We’ve blessed, in order that we would present him a few of our proofs one night time! He is removed from all deficiencies! Certainly, He is all-hearing, all-seeing.”

“He was on the high of the horizon. Then he landed and approached. Eventually he was as shut as two bows, and even nearer. Then Allah revealed to His servant what was to be revealed. His coronary heart didn’t deny what he noticed. Are you going to struggle him now about what he noticed? And absolutely he noticed him as soon as extra in his true type. He noticed it in Sidre-i Müntehâ. Subsequent to it is the Heaven of Me’vâ. At the moment, the sunshine of Allah coated Sidre. What astonished eyes, what seemed to one thing else. Absolutely he noticed the best of the indicators of his Lord.”

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