What is a chaff cartridge ?

The Chaff cartridge system, which is used to dodge warmth and radar-guided missiles, is discovered on most army plane. Cartridges are launched by pilots or routinely.

Often known as the guided missile decoy, the Cheff cartridge is used as a protection system in plane.

It is used to deflect the goal of the missiles following the plane by creating a bigger goal, and it is launched routinely or by urgent the button of the pilot, who receives the alarm that the missile is locked on it.


Chaff is constituted of foil-like supplies corresponding to aluminum and metallised glass.

When the pilot prompts the system, very skinny items of iron corresponding to aluminum and copper are thrown from the plane.

The substances that produce probably the most alerts on the radar are the iron ones. The radar-guided missile follows these metals by mistaking the radar hint of those metals because the radar hint of the plane.

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