What is Palo Santo, how is it burned? What are the benefits of Palo Santo incense? ?

Palo santo, one of the most most well-liked incense in the world, is additionally extremely popular these days. What is palo santo incense and how is it burned? What are the benefits of Palo Santo?

At this time, incense is a cloth believed to enhance psychological well being with its fragrant scents.

Incenses have been used for hundreds of years, particularly in non secular ceremonies, for meditation, rest, suppression of dangerous odors, bio power, chakra opening.

With the intense curiosity in incense in latest days, palo santo incense has taken its place amongst the most most well-liked ones. So what is palo santo incense, what are its benefits and how is it burned? Right here are the curious issues about palo santo..


Palo Santo, which suggests “Holy Wooden” or “Wooden of the Saints”, is an endemic tree, often known as bursera graveolens.

Being endemic means it solely grows in sure elements of the world. It grows in Peru, Ecuador and some extra South American international locations neighboring these international locations.

It is a mystical follow used for a few years by Andean natives to burn Palo Santo sticks, banish evil spirits and clear dangerous power from their dwelling areas.

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Palo Sato bushes are grown with sustainable agriculture. It is unlawful to the touch these bushes in South America. Even the harvesting of a naturally lifeless palo santo tree is performed underneath the management of the state. It is identified that the Palo Santo tree is of no use except it dies of pure causes.

Each its tree and the valuable important oil it produces are thought of essential for therapeutic. Indigenous cultures consider that the palo santo tree has magical qualities and that palo santo oil is a illustration of the historic spirits in the tree that produced it, as it is a rooted treatment inside the tree.

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Palo Santo is half of the citrus household and its perfume has barely candy notes of pine, lemon, mint.


Each the trunk, resin and oil of Palosanto bushes are used. Its oil is used each for medicinal functions and as a censer scent.

Its oil is most well-liked to alleviate ache and stress. For power cleaning, to purify from the evil eye, its oil and incense obtained in its physique are used.

The physique calming and thoughts purifying energy of incense is spectacular.

Palo santo incense with these options; It is an integral half of meditation periods, purification rituals and mystical environments.

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Not like us people, bugs, particularly flies, don’t like the distinctive odor of Palo Santo. With this characteristic, palosanto incense additionally acts as a pure fly repellent.

Typically used for emotional and non secular steering, palo santo is an efficient pure anti-anxiety treatment.

When inhaled, it passes immediately into the mind’s olfactory system, the place it helps stimulate the physique’s rest response to fight nervousness, nervousness, sleep disturbances, and despair.

What is Palo Santo, how is it burned?  What are the benefits of Palo Santo incense?  #2nd


First of all, take care to maintain your Palo Santo incense sticks in a moist and dry atmosphere. In any other case, you’ll have problem igniting your dampened sticks.

You need to use a candle or lighter to ignite the sticks. Hearth at an angle of roughly 45° to your rod for 30 seconds. Let it burn by holding it after which blow it out. A stream of smoke will rise from the embers and unfold round.

After you mild your stick, you’ll be able to both carry it round your own home in your hand or place the stick in an incense holder.

If you wish to activate Palo Santo once more, it shall be sufficient to blow gently sometimes.

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