The Unknown Face of TURKMENISTAN: The Strangest Country in the World

Turkmenistan has the bottom inhabitants within the Turkic nations with 5.8 million citizen Turkmenistan and North korea are essentially the most oppresive two international locations on the earth Whenever you take a look at that two international locations from exterior, they give the impression of being very clear and engaging with excessive and sophisticated buildings, fancy enterprise facilities and monumental constructing across the capital cities.

beside to that every one visions which has proven are faux Streets are completely empty and cities are as if ghost ones. Besides the so uncommon human inhabitants on streets, you could solely face with development employees and army members on the streets Regime of the nation is republic, however president is the one arbiter at entire nation existence of the elections which is the thread between the monarchic and republic system helps to explain to Turkmenistan as a republic nation, because of 2018 world democracy index Turkmenistan described as a authoritarian and discover a place to itself sixth from the underside of the checklist (business of Raid Shadow Legends Recreation) (business of Raid Shadow Legends Recreation) (business of Raid Shadow Legends Recreation) (business of Raid Shadow Legends Recreation) (business of Raid Shadow Legends Recreation) Then, lets again on to our subject İnfact, state of affairs of the nation had not change into abruptly like this.

Area was underneath dominance of USS Soviet russia, and public had been felt strain of the regyme till 1985, Saparmurat Niyazov turned to go of Turkmenistan comunnist social gathering He claimed that Soviet Union has not despatched help to Turkmenistan not sufficient. and claimed additionally that state of affairs places Turkmenistan into poverty.

After that thoughts he adopted public. Additionally he noticed the state of affairs of utilizing Russian language as a primary language has a sense of being marginalization results on his public, put throughout Turkmen and Russian language collectively as a formal language of the republic in 1989 whereas all of those improve his reputation within the public, in 1990 he had chosen as a primary president of Turkmenistan in 1991 when soviet union collapsed, it was a brand new beggining for the Turkmen residents Niyazov was admitted as a Turkmens commander (Turkmenbası) and used that title as a surname, he had had admitted himself as a president of Turkmenistan perpetually He has supplied sources of water, fuel and electrical to public with out payments for very long time (İn 2019 that regulation modified) Until right here you could suppose that Niyazov was a Savior for the nation however,course of has not been gone as it’s Fİrst of all , he wrote the ebook known as ”Ruhname” which is a superrior and conselor historic ebook When he give speech on televisions to public, he advised that who learn three time per a day that ebook known as Ruhname, wiill obtain highness on non secular stage, and decisionmaking means and mind capabilities will bestrenghten whom learn the ebook that particular person will recognise the god and immediately doorways of heaven will open for him That ebook has been teached as a tutor in colleges.

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Stipulated on college qualification or driving license exams as a fundamental textbook Even the docs within the nation has felt strain to Niyazov for swear on to him as a substitute of hypocrates by the best way that ebook has a momument within the nation And everynight at 20.00 , ebook opens and half which is choosen learn to public from huge soundspeakers Niyazov has modified the title of months at calendar for his pleasure along with his personal title and kin.

For instance ; January , as a primary month of yr known as Turkmenbası (his surname) any longer, or April is given as his moms title to calendar Gurbansultan( Mom of Niyazov) Right now accepted as a mom of the Public Capital Askhabat is roofed along with his mothers monuments , many streets and cinema saloons even a parfume model has named after him Even title of the bread modified, by the best way his golden monument has made.

Right now, his pctures covers the commercials or bilboards entire over the nation it might sound as a faux information from media , however Niyazov have been wishing to announce himself as a prophet of the nation however public response pushed him to step again of it. in that instances in entire banknotes had his photos on it. when he died his white hairs to black , he needed to withdraw from circulation previous banknotes and distributed new banknotes with the died hairs on image he prohibited to smoking on road, listening radio, oprah and ballet efficiency exhibits, and doing make up for the information anchormans due to his personall irritation from canine odor, he prohibited peting animal in flats.

He dominated to lifetime of people in their very own properties,moreover he prohibited golden tooth and rising beard for younger youngsters. He has revealed discrimination of growing old of people, from that on youngsters will likely be described from 0-25 and particular person will rely as previous when that particular person is 85 years previous After his lifeless , with new president Kurbankulu Berdimuhammedov issues bought extra worse and stranger 23 information and television organs who by no means had likelihood to speak about opposition to him politically are belong to authorities all of the channels 7/24 has propaganda of him or Niyazov web is strictly restricted, infact many enterprise services or houses has no entry to web.

in entire nation quantity of people that has entry to web could rely as %1 % of inhabitants. in web all propagand or occupations towards the web is stricted by that regulation, free web pages or functions reminiscent of fb or newschannels are banned. Married or single womans has totally different head equipment to differenciate socially for objective of candidate looking of mens.

Just like womans, mans has to put on some hat to point out that they’re single or married. to eleminate migration , youngsters as much as 30 years previous has no entry to pasaport. whereas state of affairs is like that every one nation is tremendous clear and shines brightly after 3.00 girl cleaners washes all of the streets until morning in rutine.

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for example of how streets are clear we could say smoking regulation simply made as a reality of not dust the streets nevertheless its not wanted in case of air pollution Nation has the 4th largest fuel sources on the planet , because of that they’re the one of many richest nation on the area. because of that we might even see completely designed cities, nevertheless they give the impression of being so empty and pretend.

Many individuals describes it as a not because it appears. metropolis has constructed by one of many palest marbles. virtually all the metropolis of capital which approx one million made by that marble buildings. eighty % of buildings within the metropolis are white and from that good marbles. in 12meter sq. space, 70.000 milion metercubic marble is shining approximitelly on a thousad services Due to the explanation nation chosen into guiness information with that function.

Parlement, Ministry of schooling, Ministry of Agriculture or extra of it made by that marbles. in yr of 1998 as a celebration of impartialition of Turkmenistan at world struggle, niyazov had constructed golden statue to metropolis. it costed 12 million greenback , monument of impartiality on the highest of the monument takes place of his personal monument from gold.

in 2004 1billion {dollars} price of a mosque which is a greater than capability of the town has been constructed. right here is 2007 space constructed for the martial arts video games for asia worldwide video games. costed 5 billion greenback askhabad olimpic complicated, which has 5.2 kilometer size public transport rail system constructed monorail system.

worlds largest Ferrist wheel which has been proved by guiness can be could seen. due to there may be no person on the streets on the whole, that wheel is most likely emtpy many time of the day as different elements of the town it looks like metropolis is constructed for the status relatively than a consolation of the residents of nation.

Streets are most likely empty until 20.00 after that point 20.00 to 23.00 some quantity of inhabitants could seen in centrum in parks and cafeterias so few quantity of individuals could seen in afternoons after 22.00 eating places should not prohibited to remain open, after 23.00 vacationers should not allowed to be on road.

moreover to that issues, in january 2020 , to guard marble texture of metropolis, colou of vehicles relatively than white or gray is banned at entire nation. president has his personal inexperienced sports activities automobile solely. Regulation is disabled and politically working. Choices of judgement system could simply can change by berdimuhammedow, corruption on police or authorities is on excessive stage, you could be charged by police to even have soiled automobile when you dont wish to pay bribe to them most corrupted nation after zimbambwe and mozambik after nineteenth at checklist.

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in a yr extra lower than 10.000 vacationers Turkmenistan is the worlds seventh much less visited nation. İssuing a visa is a equally arduous as North korea vacationers could attend solely organised excursions by governments solely and keep within the preclaimed inns. incase polica could discover you out Most touristic place in nation is named ”Gate of the hell” its a spot at Larvaza, a drilling tower which have been collapsed geologists had determined to fireplace the fuel which releases underneath the bottom to guard accidents.

They have been attempting to restrict of releasing of the fuel. they anticipated to see the fuels run out into 2 hours, byt after 48 years nonetheless that drill is burning naturally with out working out. by the best way man who desires to marry with a Turkmen girl has to pay 50.000 dolars girl who desires to have marriagewith turkmen man , authorities doesnt provide residentship.

%80 % of the nation is desert, solely %3 is feasible to agricultural functions. Having property within the nation is nearly inconceivable, nobody within the nation has his personal deed. All porperites belong to Turkmen authorities solely in a instances of founding president approx 100 farmers had land. moreover authorities could take your land or property with fast judgement with out honest value , virtually with out pay something for you as a reward.

lets depart the brightness of the town, beside to that folks actually lives primitive life. %! % of Turkmens are have entry to web, if they’re fortunate ones. %90 of the group who’re engaged on enterprise are employed by authorities. in addition to to prohibitions , nation has good issues too İnternational womans day is well known by authorities as custom.

because of that each girl is rewarded with a bonus womans who has 8 or over childs rewarded with a medal of motherhood, all their life electrical fuel and water bills should not taken from that womans. additionally all public transports are totally free. Public sources and governmental providers are additionally totally free to that motherhood owned women.

for instance authorities donates to a household who could have 3 childs into that flats. in a capital of ashkabat luxurious marble lined flat and a automobile granted to that household with 3 childs. moreover all members of the family are supoorted by authorities sources for schooling well being and and so on. totally free, all of them are employed by the federal government its the 8 cheapests nation on gasoline costs in 2008 automobile ownerds are rewarded by authorities to have 120 liter fuel totally free each month.

Authorities has Toy facilities known as wedding ceremony salons for make free marriage occations.

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