NASA vehicle Curiosity has passed its 3,000th day on Mars

The car-sized rover Curiosity has been on the purple planet since 2012, exploring the Gale crater on Mars as a part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission.

The missions of the rover embody learning the Martian local weather and geology, investigating whether or not there was life and water availability on Mars earlier than, and investigating planetary habitation and whether or not humanoid exploration is feasible sooner or later.


For the reason that rover landed on the purple planet’s floor in 2012, greater than 3,000 Anthem day has passed.

Since Mars completes its rotation on its axis in 24 hours and 40 minutes, a Martian day takes 40 minutes longer than on Earth.

Panorama photographs shared privately by NASA depict the rock formations within the Mount Sharp area, which Curiosity has been climbing since September 2014.

Launched into area in 2011, Curiosity landed in Gale Crater on Mars in 2012.

In its 9 years of exploration exercise, the rover has collected lots of proof that the purple planet could have hosted microbiological life previously.

You need to use the hyperlink beneath to entry the panorama photographs shared by NASA.

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