Blue Origin performs unmanned test flight of suborbital shuttle

Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, examined the brand new area shuttle it developed to take vacationers into area.

In keeping with the information on the web site, the shuttle, consisting of rocket and capsule, was launched into area through the flight on the firm’s test middle in Texas.


The 6-person capsule, referred to as the “Reusable Spaceship” (RSS), managed to land with a parachute after climbing to an altitude of 107 kilometers, passing the Karman Line, which is assumed to separate area and environment, at an altitude of 100 kilometers from the earth.

The reusable rocket additionally returned to Earth after its launch mission.


The unmanned test mission of the 6-man suborbital shuttle “VSS Unity”, designed by Virgin Galactic, which develops tasks within the area of area tourism equivalent to Blue Origin, failed on December 12, 2020.

The “VSS Unity” shuttle, which was positioned on the provider plane named VMS Eve, It took off at 10:24 native time and ascended roughly 15 kilometers. Nonetheless, the plane encountered an issue with the ignition system whereas trying to drop the shuttle into the sky at this altitude.

It has beforehand carried out a collection of test flights from Mojave Air and House Port in California. Virgin Galactic would carry out a crewed test for the primary time.

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Firm officers acknowledged that the trial can be repeated with a brand new engine sooner or later.

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