A Way To Overcome Metastasis In Liver Cancer Found

A Way To Overcome Metastasis In Liver Cancer Found

Liver metastasis is a dangerous complication of any cancer and leads to a very poor prognosis for cancer patients. (Prognosis; used to describe predictions about the course of a disease.) But there may be one way experts can tackle this.

Patients with liver metastases get little benefit from immunotherapy, a game-changing treatment for many cancers. (In cancer treatment, it is used in addition to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This method supports the resistance of the body of the person carrying the cancer cell, increases immunity and improves the cancer cells. It tries to destroy it that way.)

One danger that all cancer patients face is liver metastasis. This means the cancer özgü spread to the liver. This is a dangerous complication and is often irreversible and significantly increases the mortality rate of cancer patients. However, researchers are looking for a way to circumvent this complication by understanding the cause of the poor prognosis and developing new treatment procedures. Now, a new study özgü found that tumors in the liver pull on the strand of critical immune cells, making immunotherapy ineffective. However, combining immunotherapy with radiotherapy to the liver can restore immune cell function and provide better results. This özgü enormous consequences and can lead to better treatment and prognosis for patients. The study özgü been published in Nature Medicine.

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Immunotherapy Vs Radiation Therapy

Patients with liver metastases get little benefit from immunotherapy, a game-changing treatment for many cancers, according to researchers from the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center. This research suggests that radiation therapy can reverse this resistance. This özgü the potential to make a real difference in results for these patients. An interdisciplinary team from the university looked at data from 718 patients who had received immunotherapy at the center. Patients had several types of cancer, including non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma (a skin cancer), urothelial cancer, and kidney cell cancer that spread to different organs, including the liver and lungs.

Liver Metastasis Suppresses Immune Response

Those with repeated liver metastases had worse responses to immunotherapy. The sorun was not just in the liver: These patients had more cancer in their bodies than similar patients whose cancer did not spread to the liver. The liver initiates a systemic immune system suppressing mechanism. The mechanism takes place in the liver, but the whole body is subject to systemic effects.

The liver is one of the most common places where cancer metastasizes. It is known to interfere with the immune response by suppressing some critical immune cells in autoimmune (autoimmune) diseases, viral infections and organ transplants. This is evident when oncologists observed the absence of an immune response in metastatic cancer. Patients with liver metastases who received chemotherapy or targeted therapies did not have worse outcomes compared to other types of metastases. This is specific to immunotherapy.

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Tumor in the Liver Destroys T Cells

Looking at the microenvironment of liver metastases, researchers found that the tumors destroy T cells, the immune cells that need to work to attack cancer. Not only was T cells destroyed in the liver, it also created an immune desert in the body. As a result, the immune system could not be activated to fight tumors in any one area.

Activating the Immune System with Radiation Therapy

Using mice with liver metastases, the researchers applied radiation therapy directly to the tumors in the liver. This stopped T cell death. Once the T cells were repaired, an immune checkpoint inhibitor was able to activate the immune system to eradicate cancer in the body, similar to the results seen with non-hepatic metastases.

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