12 simple ways to cool off quickly in the summer heat without air conditioning


1-Create a breeze

Dangle damp sheets in an open window when the air outdoors is dry and cooler than the air inside. Thus, the breezes coming from outdoors are cooled by the evaporating water.

2nd2-Close your curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds can cut back the quantity of heat coming into your own home by up to 45 %. Thus, you determine a cooler setting.

33-Make your own air conditioner

3-Make your individual air conditioner

If the climate is sizzling however not humid, put a bowl of ice in entrance of a fan and revel in the breeze. As the ice melts and evaporates, it is going to cool you down.

44-Spray cold water

Maintain a water-filled spray bottle in the fridge and spray it on when it will get sizzling. Specialists name this “thermal balancing”.


As the water evaporates, the physique cools. Beginning to moist your self out of your wrists to decrease your physique temperature will pace up the cooling course of.

65-Turn off your computer

Set your laptop to sleep if you’ll not be utilizing it for greater than 10 minutes. Flip off the machine fully at the finish of the day. If you’re utilizing a laptop computer, by no means work with the laptop in your lap.

76-Choose light and loose clothing

Select garments made of materials designed to wick away sweat and clinginess. In case you choose cotton merchandise, guarantee that they’re skinny, light-colored and, above all, snug.


“One of the best factor is that sweat evaporates straight from the pores and skin. The second good factor is that sweat strikes quickly out of your pores and skin to your garments after which evaporates. Unfastened, flowy clothes permits air to transfer by way of the pores and skin and aids evaporation,” she says.

97-Dry your dishes with air

7-Dry your dishes with air

If you’re utilizing a dishwasher, deactivate the drying program. As a substitute, depart the door of the machine open to dry the dishes.


As the sweat in your toes evaporates, it cools the blood in your toes. “Blood vessels then transport this blood to different components of the physique, so that you get a larger cooling sensation,” the specialists say.

eleventh9-Eat something spicy and spicy

9-Eat one thing spicy and spicy

{People} residing in sizzling climates resembling Mexico and India eat spicy and spicy issues to cool off.


Sizzling peppers include capsaicin, a chemical compound that helps us sweat extra simply. Additionally, you will expertise a quick reduction when the sweat evaporates.

1310-Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

In the summer, flip to greens and fruits. Greens and fruits are simpler to digest than a meat dish, which makes you’re feeling higher.

1411-Use fluorescent bulbs

Flip off the lights or exchange the bulbs: Lengthy-life fluorescent bulbs generate about 70 % much less heat than normal bulbs.

1512-Do a cold compress

Fill a cotton sock with rice, tie the sock with string, and chill it in the freezer for 2 hours earlier than going to mattress.

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