Treatment options according to cellulite type and degree


Sitting an excessive amount of and tight clothes could cause cellulite.

Cellulite is an aesthetic pores and skin downside that manifests itself with irregular ups and downs resembling an orange peel on the pores and skin floor. It principally happens within the pores and skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue within the thighs, hips and stomach.


The homogeneous, uneven, bumpy look is revealed by the mix of fats cells accumulating and increasing beneath the pores and skin and fibrous bands known as ‘septa’ that reach perpendicular to the pores and skin floor. The commonest causes of cellulite are; hormonal modifications, genetic components, weight achieve, weight reduction, unhealthy food regimen, sedentary life-style, smoking, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, carbohydrate food regimen and heavy salt use. Aside from these, tight garments and sitting an excessive amount of also can trigger cellulite.

33 degrees of cellulite

3 levels of cellulite

The bumpy picture, which is likened to an orange peel in first-degree cellulite, turns into evident with the tightening of the pores and skin. The looks of cellulite shouldn’t be observed when standing and mendacity down.


Second-degree cellulite, however, turns into evident on the pores and skin when standing for a very long time and crossing the legs. On the pinched pores and skin, orange floor bumps seem.


Third-degree cellulite is obvious within the horizontal place, not when sitting and squeezing. These cellulites could cause ache. This painful situation may be seen in ladies within the menopausal interval. It often happens within the thighs of the legs, stomach, arms, hips and buttocks.

6Third-degree cellulites can cause pain

Third-degree cellulites could cause ache. Ache could happen, particularly in ladies within the menopausal interval. Ache can happen within the legs, stomach, arms, hips and buttocks the place cellulite is current. Cellulite; It’s regular for ladies to type within the legs, hips, buttocks and stomach. Cellulites, which aren’t a symptom of one other critical illness, could cause varicose veins, posture issues and sagging pores and skin over time.


There are numerous remedy options. Nevertheless, so as to eliminate cellulite brought on by adipose tissue amassed within the physique, a way of life change is required. Sports activities and food regimen ought to be precedence options. Applicable sports activities beneficial for physique tightening throughout and after weight reduction are vital in cellulite remedy. If sports activities and food regimen will not be efficient, gadgets and procedures that target deformed adipose tissue and surgical (liposuction) options may be thought-about. Specifically, gadgets that work with the logic of therapeutic massage speed up the blood circulation in the long run and scale back the amassed adipose tissue.


In medical remedy, therapies comparable to cellulite removing lotions, radiofrequency, ultrasound, carboxytherapy, vacuum remedy, electrotherapy, pressotherapy, laser therapies that break down the fibrous bands between the adipose tissue, and mesotherapy, which dissolves the elevated fats tissue and regulates circulation, can be utilized alone or together.

9Treatment options according to cellulite type and degree

Treatment options according to cellulite type and degree

Lymphatic drainage software: It’s the technique of making use of stress in equal quantities to the entire leg or stomach with totally different intervals and values ​​so as to guarantee lymphatic drainage, particularly because of the deterioration of the superficial circulation within the legs.
Mesotherapy: It’s the injection of particular options into the center layer of the pores and skin with the assistance of 4 millimeter particular needles and an injector. These substances have a direct impact on the cellulite space and break up the fats cells that aren’t utilized by the physique and flip them into reusable fats by the organism. The intention of the remedy is to break down the membranes of fats cells, relieve lymph and blood circulation, reactivate the lipolysis mechanism, and enhance the pores and skin floor. 8-12 classes to be utilized as soon as every week or as soon as in 15 days are enough.


LPG: Gadgets that work with the intention of loosening, lengthening and even breaking the anatomical buildings known as “septa” by making use of vacuum to the pores and skin have discovered a spot within the remedy of cellulite. LPG is a therapeutic massage methodology based mostly on the precept of making use of destructive stress to the pores and skin and subcutaneous tissues through the use of aspiration (suction) and rotational actions collectively.
Acupuncture: It’s a methodology of reaching numerous key factors of the physique with the assistance of needles and destroying water and fats cells by activating them.
Ozone remedy: It’s a methodology that goals to burn fats by cleansing fats cells with oxygen. Thanks to the steam tub utilized to the cellulite space, oxygen reaches the decrease layer and accelerates blood circulation.


Laser remedy: With the laser utilized on cellulite areas, blood circulation is accelerated and immobile areas are activated. Extra fats within the permeable fats cells is was fluid with the dynamic laser and the fats cells are returned to their wholesome type.
Ultrasound: It’s a methodology that permits to break down fats cells by going beneath the pores and skin. It’s efficient not solely in cellulite areas but additionally within the remedy of small fat. With this methodology, it’s ensured that the sound waves break down cellulite or scale back its shops with the impact of cavitation.
Stress remedy: This methodology, which prompts blood and lymph circulation with air stress, could be very efficient within the remedy of cellulite.


Lipoelectro: On this remedy, which is carried out with the assistance of very skinny and lengthy needles, the fats within the cellulite areas is damaged down and discharged with electro.
Radiofrequency: Whereas radiofrequency triggers pores and skin collagen synthesis, it gives thinning of subcutaneous adipose tissue. It causes loosening of the bands which can be the reason for cellulite within the deep layers.
Carboxytherapy: It breaks down the fats cells within the space the place carbon dioxide fuel is injected, will increase the microcirculation and the oxygen utilization potential of the tissues.

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