What is pica syndrome

Pica typically happens with different psychological well being problems related to dysfunction (eg, mental incapacity, autism spectrum dysfunction, schizophrenia).

Iron deficiency anemia and malnutrition are two of the commonest causes of pica.

In these people, pica is an indication that the physique is making an attempt to fill an vital nutrient deficiency. Treating this deficiency with medicine or nutritional vitamins typically resolves the issues.


Pica is not sometimes thought of a meals; It is an consuming dysfunction that features non-nutritive meals gadgets reminiscent of paper, cleaning soap, material, hair, string, wool, earth, chalk, talcum powder, paint, gum, metallic, gravel, coal, ash, clay, starch.


The signs of pica are associated to the non-food product he ate. The signs of pica syndrome are as follows.

– Abdomen upset.

– Abdomen ache.

– Blood within the stool (could also be an indication of ulcers from consuming non-food gadgets).

– Bowel issues (reminiscent of constipation or diarrhea).

These signs are the results of the poisonous, poisonous and bacterial content material of non-food gadgets.


Consuming non-food gadgets constantly over a time period causes the next issues:

– Lead poisoning (from consuming paint chips containing lead).

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– Intestinal obstruction or rupture (from consuming laborious objects reminiscent of rocks).

– Tooth accidents.

– Infections (from organisms and parasites that enter the physique and trigger illness).

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Pika does not have a single trigger. In some instances, a deficiency in iron, zinc or one other nutrient may be related to pica.

Anemia or iron deficiency often is the underlying reason behind pica in pregnant ladies.

Your uncommon cravings could also be an indication that your physique is making an attempt to replenish low nutrient ranges.

{People} with sure psychological well being situations, reminiscent of schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive dysfunction, might develop pica as a coping mechanism.

Some individuals might take pleasure in and benefit from the textures or flavors of sure nonfood gadgets. In some cultures, consuming clay is an accepted habits. This type of pica is known as geographic.

Weight-reduction plan and malnutrition can result in pica. In these instances, consuming non-food gadgets may help you are feeling full.

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First-line therapy for pica entails testing for mineral or nutrient deficiencies and correcting them. Usually, deficiencies in consuming behaviors disappear as they’re corrected. If the behaviors will not be attributable to malnutrition or don’t stop after dietary remedy, quite a lot of behavioral interventions may be undertaken.

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