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Who among us doesn’t follow closely the clothing fashion that is updated and renewed every year to look stylish? So much so that we women; Most of our budget goes to clothing, bags, shoes, care and makeup; We don’t hesitate to spend our money always looking beautiful and attractive.
Rather than impress others or our loved ones, we mostly become beautiful for ourselves and we take care of our clothes and make-up out of our respect and love for ourselves.

I would like to share with you the womenswear fashion of 2020 in these days where fashion is constantly changing and designers are designing unique and beautiful dresses, t-shirts, jackets and coats.

I strongly recommend that you do not go shopping without reading this article, which I want to briefly mention about 2020 spring summer fashion trends.

Here are the beautiful clothing trends for women that will mark the 2020 spring-summer season:

Women’s clothing models and prices

  • Stamp sequin details are everywhere!

Sequined details used in evening dresses are seen on almost every dress, bag and even shoes this season.

Sequin dresses, jackets, sweatshirts, bags and shoes, spreading fast among the street trends; It is designed to make you look elegant and beautiful not only at night and on special days, but every day of the week.

Sequin details that we come across even in the most comfortable sweatpants; they show that we can be comfortable and stylish.

There are designs that will make you feel young and child-like again and bring you back to your youth, especially when shabby mini dresses decorated with sequins and sequins are decorated with cartoon characters and animals.

You can look stylish and beautiful all day long with a shabby dress with cat, dog or rabbit characters designed with sequins and sequins in the most beautiful colors such as blue, red and pink. You can wear the same dress at night, at the club, at the entertainment venue, at dinner, on the beach and even on special occasions such as weddings or engagements.

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Do not forget to add at least 2-3 sequins to your wardrobe these days when our passion for shopping is riveted and stores are full of summer dresses!

  • Catch the duo of comfort and elegance with the tracksuits!

Tracksuit sets, which are abundant in the collections of almost all brands in 2020, stand out with more striking and bright models this summer.

You can wear sparkling sweatshirts decorated with stones, pearls and sequins in bright colors such as gold, silver, silver, gold and sequins for walks on the beach, for exercise and sports, and you can participate in live music events at night.

So much so that the tracksuit sets of this season are considered as pieces that will create a completely different and brand new fashion trend, beyond just a sweat suit.

You can look perfectly stylish, especially when paired with Chanel, Fendi, Versace tracksuits and combinations of shoes and bags.

Do you ever wear tracksuits in summer? I hear what you say, but I would like to remind you that this season we can find many models in the form of straps, zero sleeves, tights ending at the ankles and bottom.

If sweatpants seem very common to you, you can buy from Instagram boutiques Chanel, Fendi, Versace etc. I suggest you take a look at the tracksuits of the brands! Believe me, sweatpants will surprise you and you’ll want to add at least a few of them to your wardrobe.

  • Combination pieces offer effortless elegance


Who among us doesn’t spend hours in front of our wardrobe to create an elegant and harmonious combination? When it comes to color harmony and pattern matching, there are times when we can’t decide which piece to wear with what.

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If you want to avoid the hassle of combining, you can gift the products offered for sale in stores and on Instagram pages in combinations.

Sometimes combined as a stylish shirt and skirt or a stylish boyfriend t-shirt and pants; What should I wear today without any effort for you? It offers comfort without thinking ‘put it on, get out’.

In other words, it saves you valuable time significantly.

The products offered for sale in combination appeal to all budgets with affordable prices. I suggest you take a look at the summer days when we will have to wear a different dress and piece almost every day.

  • Tulle details adorn the dresses


Tulle details that we will often come across on the ends, chest, neck and arm of the dresses this season; It is used in T-shirts dresses, jackets and even shoes.

The tulle details, which are used even at the ends of the most neglected dresses, with a comfortable cut, give an extraordinary look to dresses and T-shirts that make you look more elegant and stylish; It makes you look simple and elegant.

If you like to use tulle details in your clothes and accessories; I strongly recommend you to try shoes and dress models decorated with tulle.

  • The best fashion of the crop continues non-stop!


Top fashion that has made its mark on the fashion world in recent years; It looks like 2020 will lead the way in women’s clothing fashion!

Especially the parts sold in sets; It also saves you from worrying about what to wear under your crop.

However, I would like to remind you that before you buy the upper parts of the supplement, you should definitely lose your excess weight and get rid of the excess in your waist and abdomen.

Otherwise when I want to look stylish it can look very strange; you can put it in mirrors. Tell me!

  • Say hello to summer with digitally printed dresses and T-shirts!

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Digital prints, which determine the decoration fashion, continue to decorate our t-shirts, dresses and even our bags this summer as in recent years.

Printed dresses and T-shirts by our favorite cartoon characters and celebrities who mean us; It shows once again that we can reflect our stance with our clothes.

You can wear Garfield, Frida printed shirts and dresses on your way to the sea, in your morning walks, in your shopping, in short.

  • Look cheerful with neon colors!


Neon colors preferred by more assertive women; I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said another indispensable part of 2020 women’s clothing fashion.

Neon pink, blue, yellow, green, also seen in everyday pieces; It looks like it will be the colors of the 2020 spring summer.

You can feel yourself more beautiful, free and fresh than ever with a sleeveless neon colored dress that allows you to have a cheerful, energetic and colorful look.

  • Sequins are a trend in sneakers


The sneakers that we prefer to keep our feet comfortable and not to be ache all day long, take on the fashion of sequins and stones this summer!

Sequin slippers can be worn even with your summer dresses, showing everyone that slippers can be more comfortable, even more stylish and glamorous than an evening dress.

Spring-Summer 2020 colors:

This summer, almost all shades of pink, doré, silver, silver, neon yellow, orange-red, ecru, pink; It is included in the collections of almost all brands.

This summer full of neons and bright blues, greens, yellows and pinks, I suggest you take into account my suggestions that I tried to share with you in this article in order not to deviate from fashion.

Have a nice shopping…


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