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What can be done at home to grow eyelashes:

There are natural methods for eyelash extension that you can apply at home! Your gaze Apply the methods we offer you regularly to add depth. You will also find the homemade eyelash extension serum recipe at the end of our special news!

Poor makeup products, genetic factors, medications, some diseases and unbalanced nutrition can cause eyelash loss. You can apply natural methods to strengthen, plump and stop the lashes.

Almond oil for natural eyelash care

Almond oil containing vitamin E is one of the effective herbal methods for eyelash care. After removing your make-up, you can moisturize your eyelashes and reduce their spillage.

Eyelash strengthening with vitamin E

Add vitamin E oil to the eyelash brush or clean mascara brush. Your lashes 2 times a day. Vitamin EIt will prevent your lashes from falling out and provide you with thicker and longer eyelashes.

Eyelash care with olive oil

Olive oil has positive effects in eyelash care as well as in hair care. It is used to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes. A few drops on cotton olive oil drip and lightly rub it on your lashes. After waiting for about 5 minutes, rinse with warm water. If you apply this method regularly, you can achieve the result you want.

Eyelash-enhancing vaseline care

If you want to have longer and thicker eyelashes, apply some Vaseline to your eyelashes before you sleep at night. You can apply mascara to your eyelashes with a mascara brush that you do not use. You will see the effect in a few weeks.

Eyelash extension and curing tips

  • Take a vitamin supplement. Especially vitamins B, D and E help strengthen eyelashes and hair.
  • Consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Foods such as fish, eggs and yogurt help your eyelashes grow.
  • Do not sleep without removing your eye makeup. Try not to damage your lashes while removing makeup.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler. Such tools weaken the eyelashes and cause breakouts.
  • You can lengthen your eyelashes with green tea. With the help of cotton on your eyelashes green tea you can drive.
  • You can increase the blood circulation by massaging your eyelids. In this way, you can make your eyelashes grow longer.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes as it causes your lashes to loosen and fall out more quickly.

Eyelash Extension Serum


  • 1 meal eyebrowcastor oil
  • 1 tablespoon of almond oil
  • 3 drops of argan oil
  • 3 drops Coconut oil
  • 3 drops of grape seed oil

Preparation of;

Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl. Apply the mixture to your eyelashes every night with a clean eyelash brush. You can also apply it to your eyebrows if you wish.

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