Who is Müge Boz? Life – Career

Who is Müge Boz after giving birth recently? questions started to be searched frequently in search engines. Who is Müge Boz? Where is his life from? married? Who is his wife? How old? What is your brother’s name? Where did he graduate? How tall? Is it related to Murat Boz? Who is Caner Erdeniz? If you have any questions like who is his ex-wife, stay at

Our beautiful blonde actress Müge Boz, who appeared with movies such as Çat Kapı Aşk and Get the Past, recently became a mother.

Who is Müge Boz? – Biography

Müge Boz was born on April 13, 1984 in Istanbul. His mother is a Yugoslav immigrant and his father is Aegean. The actor, whose childhood passed in Istanbul, moved to Karşıyaka / İzmir when he was 12 years old because of his father’s job. Graduated from İzmir Atatürk High School, Boz graduated from Anadolu University Cinema and Public Relations. After receiving a scholarship from a university in Norway, he studied ‘Strategic Desing’ and digital photography there. Boz, who is fond of art, studied ballet for 11 years and piano for 4 years.

The beautiful player, who is interested in many sports such as swimming, tennis, skating and volleyball, has been practicing yoga regularly in recent years.

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Acting career

His first step in acting life started with the series Angels Korusun, which was published in 2008. Here, the actor who gave life to the character of Çiğdem managed to attract attention. The first movie was the Soil Children, which was released in 2011. The beautiful actress played the character of aKarika here. Thanks to his performance here, he was included in the series Doubt, which started airing in 2011 after this project. However, his real fame was that he was included in the second season of Leyla and Mecnun, which was broadcast on Trt 1 screens. Here, the actress who gave life to the character of Şirin, took the name Leyla, but was not included in the third season.

The actress, who continues to take part in many TV series and movies, has been included in the series Arka Sokaklar, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens between 2014-2015. The player, who spent two seasons here, continued on his way with Sevda Kuşun Kanad in 2016 after this series.

In 2017, the actress Telli Haseki Hümaşah Sultan, who was included in the series The Magnificent Century: Kösem, which was broadcast on Fox TV, gave life to the character.

Finally, the beautiful actress we saw in the film Get Well, directed by Hasan Doğan, was pregnant and took a short break from her acting career.

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Müge Boz Age – How Old?


The Height of Müge Boz


What is the name of Müge Boz’s brother?

Merve Boz

Müge Boz wife

Müge Boz, who combined their lives with basketball player Caner Erdeniz in 2019, gave birth to a girl in December 2019.

Are Müge Boz and Murat Boz Relatives?

Two famous names are not related to kinship.

TV series

2008 Bless the Angels


Police station

2012-Leyla and Mecnun

2013Proudly Love Is On A Pillow

2013-The lying world

Love Takes Labor

2014Back Streets

2016-Sevda on the Bird’s Wing

2017-The Magnificent Century: Kösem

2017-Off the record


2011-Children of the Land

love likes Coincidences

2012I Have a Story


2013There Is A Solitude In This Here

2018-A Decent Movie

2019Roof Door Love

Get well soon

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