What is Vefk ?

Vefk, which suggests concord in Turkish, consists of shapes fashioned by writing some numbers and letters on the sections in an oblong form.

Vefk; It is a kind of talisman that seeks esoteric meanings by writing letters, numbers, phrases, esmâ-i husnâ, verses and suras in squares in accordance with a sure order.

Within the dictionary, “concord; Vefk, which suggests “appropriate, acceptable”, is a department of the science of huruf, which offers with the traits of letters individually or together (havas), and is primarily based on the concept letters and numbers have some magical meanings; It is obtained by writing numbers, letters of numerical worth, phrases or all of them along with sure guidelines, at sure occasions and below sure situations, into sq. or rectangular bins in a desk.


Vefk is executed to be able to acquire energy to make needs come true and to steer clear of evil by writing letters and shapes appropriate for folks’s hopes and needs in squares.

Religion, which is believed to include secret and mysterious powers, is additionally used for functions similar to breaking the spell, offering love and affection between two folks, growing love or establishing hatred between spouses, opening the fortunes of single ladies, stopping the unjustified fears of kids, eliminating sickness or catastrophe.

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Those that do that declare that Allah will appoint a jinn to guard them by means of vefk. The faith of Islam strictly forbade fortune telling, talisman and magic as a result of it harmed the idea in oneness (al-Fetâvâ’l- Hindiyye, V, 459).

Magic and talismans, which imply asking for assist from jinn and devils and whose which means is not understood, are issues that may lead an individual to shirk. (Nevevi, al-Mecmu’, IX, 66).

For, there is at all times deception, evil and hurt in such works (Cassâs, Ahkâmu’l-Kur’an, I, 61).

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