What is tracheostomy ?

On this methodology, which is utilized in instances the place the affected person can not breathe on his personal, a gap is made within the trachea and a plastic cannula is inserted to offer airway opening.

In some instances, this necessary process ends when the affected person begins to breathe on his personal.

Sufferers are normally linked to a respiration gadget known as a mechanical ventilator by way of an endotracheal tube.

This tube enters the mouth, passes between the vocal cords and reaches the trachea. If the affected person wants a respirator for a very long time, this tube is faraway from the mouth and positioned instantly into the trachea by way of the anterior neck wall.

A small incision within the affected person’s throat, “tracheotomy” A shorter tube is inserted into the trachea from a distance beneath the vocal cords by way of the outlet created at this incision website.


Gives inhaling individuals who have misplaced the power to breathe on their very own.

They carry oxygen to the lungs,

Removes carbon dioxide from the physique,

It permits sufferers to breathe simpler.


In instances of paralysis and coughing that make it troublesome to breathe from the throat,

Serving to respiration in the course of the restoration course of after head and neck surgical procedures,

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It is additionally utilized as a precaution in instances the place there is a risk of obstructing or narrowing the respiratory tract in most cancers sorts that happen within the larynx or mouth.

What is tracheostomy #1


Though tracheostomy is secure, some issues could happen after the surgical process.

A number of the dangers are:

The narrowing of the opened gap,

Tracheostomy tube dislodged and escaping into the throat,


Air accumulation within the tissues beneath the pores and skin,

Clogging of the tube.


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