What is apathy ?

Apathy; It is a way used to diagnose an individual’s habits and psychological well being. One other that means is the state of not being involved in one’s setting.

Apathy is a psychological time period. It is utilized in assessments of individuals’s psychological well being.


It means irregular indifference, apathy, indifference to the setting.

It is not a illness by itself, however is used as a symptom for different illnesses.


The signs of apathy, which is referred to as apathy, indifference, and indifference to the setting, are as follows;

  • Particular indicators of apathy
  • Absence or suppression of emotion, feeling, anxiousness, ardour
  • Lack of motivation (to do or full something) a weaker type of avoidance,
  • Lack of that means or goal, however not melancholy (i.e. worthlessness and hopelessness),
  • slowness / low power ranges and passivity,
  • Detachment from life and private occasions

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