What is the status of Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, which has been at the middle of discussions because it was transformed from a church to a museum, and is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Record, was changed into a mosque by the tenth Workplace of the Council of State.

Hagia Sophia, which got here to the fore and finally grew to become a mosque, accepts guests from completely different nations of the world.

The status of Hagia Sophia, which has attracted nice consideration of native and overseas guests with its historical historical past, has began to be mentioned once more.


Crucial monument of Istanbul that has survived from the Byzantine interval is undoubtedly Hagia Sophia, which is proven as the eighth marvel of the world and is the most opulent work of Byzantium.

Hagia Sophia, the work of Emperor Justirian, who made the most necessary contributions to Byzantine Istanbul along with Constantine, remained the most monumental construction in the world for hundreds of years with its dimension and splendor.

It has managed to outlive till right now by enduring many disasters reminiscent of hearth and earthquake that Istanbul went by.


After the conquest, Fatih Sultan Mehmet gathered the sages who knew the historical past of Istanbul and gathered details about who and when the buildings in Istanbul had been constructed. Books on Hagia Sophia have been translated into Turkish.

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On Wednesday, Could 30, 1453, the 2nd day of the Conquest, Fatih Sultan Mehmet and state officers, who entered Hagia Sophia, ordered a pulpit and mahfel to be constructed till Friday.

It was requested that each one decorations that evoke the Christian religion in the constructing needs to be eliminated. Thereupon, many architects labored day and night time to show Hagia Sophia into a spot appropriate for prayers till Friday.

On Friday, June 1, 1453, Fatih Sultan Mehmed carried out the first Friday prayer in the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

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Hagia Sophia Mosque was rigorously preserved by all Ottoman sultans and lots of additions and repairs had been made to the construction. Essentially the most in depth and dear of these repairs was made throughout the reign of Abdülmecid.

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Hagia Sophia Mosque 11 years after the proclamation of the Republic It was changed into a museum on November 24, 1934.

With the resolution of the Council of State on July 2, 2020, Hagia Sophia was faraway from the status of a museum and opened for worship and began for use as a mosque once more. After this resolution, the first Friday prayer will likely be held on July 24, 2020.

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