What is compost ?

Compost family waste, backyard waste and many others. It is a sort of fertilizer obtained by decomposing natural wastes underneath sure situations.

Compost is the method of decomposing lifeless or waste residing issues in nature and turning them again right into a soil wealthy in minerals and vitamins.

Composting is a waste disposal or discount course of wherein wastes with biodegradable natural content material are transformed right into a last product that can be utilized as vitamins for crops grown within the soil.

Within the composting course of, natural supplies are biodegraded underneath managed situations.

Invisible creatures referred to as microorganisms break down wastes with natural content material and switch them into humus-like fertilizer.


Some natural merchandise used for composting are:

  • Meals Waste: Bread and comparable bakery merchandise, tea, espresso, dry and prepared meals, fruit and vegetable wastes, egg shells, and many others.
  • Backyard Waste: Leaves, grass, pruning waste, branches, all natural waste from the backyard
  • Paper and cardboard: Napkins, used paper, newspapers, magazines, beverage cans, paper cups, all cardboard packing containers wherein supplies are put in workplaces or properties, and many others.
  • Wooden: Wooden and its half, sawdust, timber and many others.
  • Organics: All different biodegradable organics.
  • Waste to keep away from: Citrus peels (should be used sparingly due to its excessive acidity), leftover meat, hen, fish, bones, shellfish, dairy merchandise (produces dangerous odors and harbors different microorganisms), waste oils, frying oils, metallic, material, animal sand
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What is compost #1


  • Place your pot with its saucer within the place the place you’ll be composting.
  • Construct the primary layer out of some soil and brown waste
  • Put your inexperienced waste that you just put aside for compost on it and canopy it with brown waste once more.
  • As your waste accumulates, repeat these layers so as and guarantee that every layer doesn’t exceed 10 cm and is in equal proportion.
  • It is really helpful to not exceed 1 meter.
  • Bear in mind to examine the humidity typically.

Gently mixing the compost each two to 3 days might be enough. After about 20-30 days, the compost turns into prepared. When ready accurately, the compost combine needs to be insect-free, aromatic and grainy.

What is compost #2


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