What is Strass Jewelry?

In a very distant country of France, where poets were singing sonnets to beautiful women, a Jeweler George Frederick Strass created an idea of covering a faceted glass with a special metal powder. There was nothing special about covering glass with metal, but.. this special covering was creating an unusual, rainbow-like effect on glass, which managed to get look just like diamonds!

Can you picture wearing glass that appears like a diamond. That has the identical rainbow effect, but it costs 10 times less? It blows my mind actually. Diamonds at half price -okay, I can also imagine this, but ten times cheaper? Unbeliveable!

Cautious valid reasons to wear glass as an alternative of geniuine diamond? Needless to say – first of all it may be unacceptable to wear real diamonds in daylight. You may be worried about your security. The wheater can be against you – such as – you can be on beach, where real diamonds aren’t acceptabel. Yet the rhinestone jewelry is not expensive at all and you could wear a lot of it. A number of it can even be attached straight to your body.

Rhinestones, put simply, are glasses with faceted top and a very thin foil at the very bottom – that way the light reflects and refracts in glass deal with it couldn’t – because glass is less refreactive tha diamonds – light passes it through, when in real diamonds a full inner reflection is happening.

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Chaton Roses are flat-bottom rhinestones (it is pronounce “shayton”). They may have Aurora Boreale effect (“Northern Lights”, which can be seen in Northern Poles when millions of ion particles enter unprotected with magnetic field atmosphere). It’s just a matter of simple physics dispersion (hmm, didn’t we all learn this at school), as well as the laws of the light were discovered in 10th centuries (actually rediscovered in 17th century) and it took centuries to put on it to glass to really make it seem like a diamond (talking about rhinestone jewellery of course).

So what are they ways to use those little sprkling things? Chaton Roses have a wide range of uses, like body jewelry (some of it can even be employed to swim – a special type of glue makes it water-resistible for any week or so, and it looks really amazing – actually I used to be pretty stunned when I first saw this kind of body jewelry); it is also used in dance costumes, as bridal jewelry.

These stones are real jewelry-makers dream. But you’d better be persistent enough – you may need tens of thousands of stones to decorate a costume, yet you will need only tens to make a little love-heart shaped thing near your belly button. It is fun and think of the looks of it.

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The most known brand to produce such crystals is (of course) Swarovski crystals. You should easily find those online.

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