Hollywood Bed Frame – What is It?

“Hollywood” is your brand name for a sheet metal frame system with lower limbs into which a pack spring may be arranged and to which a good headboard may be affixed. Hollywood Bed Frame Company commenced producing solid angle-iron framework systems for box springs in 1925. Much including the manufacturer Kleenex is synonymous with facial cells; many people stumbled on relate box spring frames having the Hollywood based organization, calling them simply “Hollywood” Frames. You may well also hear this sleep support system called a good “Harvard Frame”. Once again, this is in a situation exactly where the particular name of the manufacturer of the item became children name. Harvard Manufacturing was a good manufacturer of this bed type in the 50’s, but I do not necessarily believe the corporation is nonetheless in business.  Typically the brand name still stays, however.

A wide range of frames can be obtained; you can find models that raise your sleep offering storage space, plus ones that will lower your current bed, if your bed mattress set is too high.    Since 1925, this style of sheet metal bed frame has changed into a selection of many American houses.  When compared to help wood bedsteads, these are usually generally much less pricey and provides superior support intended for today’s ultra thick plus often plush mattress units.  Mattress structures of this type can certainly usually be found intended for less than $100.  Also, frames of the style are generally easy to help assemble, easy to transportation, and extremely versatile.  In fact, people can buy styles that adjust in width to work alongside every mattress size.   

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It will be difficult (or impossible) to find a wooden set for a equivalent price with that kind of versatility. Typically the Hollywood Company is nonetheless in business in Trade, CA, but today numerous companies produce similar objects out of sturdy plus durable angle-iron. Various manufacturers with comparable tools are Leggett and Platt, Mantua, Knickerbocker, and Glideaway, most with manufacturing facilities nonetheless largely located in the particular USA. This is one product in which will importing is much less eye-catching as other items thanks to the expense connected with shipping such heavy, heavy objects from overseas. 

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