What is Stiletto? What are the harms? What Should Be Considered When Choosing?

Being beautiful, dressing stylishly and being liked by everyone are inherent characteristics of a woman. These desires and characteristics have not changed for all women since its existence. The desire to be stylish özgü reached very different dimensions only with changing ages, ideas and of course fashion. When it comes to looking beautiful Harmonious and stylish from head to toe must be women. So to speak, every road to beauty is permissible.

Tight pants, corsets that make it difficult for them to breathe; These include big earrings that weigh on their ears and, of course, heels that they do not stop wearing even if it hurts them. The most important piece that completes the outfit and gives a woman’s style completely is the shoe. Stilettos are a shoe model that özgü a very special place for women and that almost every woman özgü.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Shoes?

The place of the stiletto is very special for women. Because it is not just a shoe model for women, it is a demonstration of courage and talent. In addition to these visible features of stilettos, which are very uncomfortable for the wearer and are difficult to walk, there is also a feature of defying time and overcoming all obstacles, which is explained in detail in our article.

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What is Stiletto?

First of all, stiletto; It is a thin heeled, pointed toe shoe model that makes the feet look very elegant. women II. world WarAfter that, they started to look more feminine and stylish. In those times Christian dior He designed a balloon skirt that fits at the waist. Shoe designer Roger vivier produced these fashionable thin heeled shoes. However, these heels made of wood were not very useful because they broke very quickly. In 1954, a Cypriot immigrant in London Mehmet KurdaşFor the first time, he made it durable by inserting an aluminum rod into the heel. At the same time, he gave birth to the stiletto known as the spiked or needle heel with its current name. After that, the heels of the shoes started to be produced by thinning as much as desired.

Stiletto is a shoe model that is the favorite of not only women but also men. Because there is a lot of people who perceive these high heels, which make their feet look sexy, as a completely fantasy product. Today, the stilettos that almost every woman prefers to wear, even once a year, are the marvels of design with thin toes and thin heels that complement the elegance of the woman. However, having such beautiful features could not prevent the damage it caused.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Wearing Stiletto?

Stiletto is a shoe model that is not preferred much in daily life. However, with the production of shorter heels, it özgü succeeded to be preferred by women in every setting, regardless of their evening dress, daily or business life. But no matter how short it is, it özgü some damages due to its design. First of all, we congratulate women who can stand with stilettos for more than 2-3 hours. Because the fingers stuck in the thin and pointed nose can start to swell and sting over time. In addition, the heel length up to 15 santimetre even though it is not supported from the sole serious discomfort in ankles and combs can lead. In case of standing for a long time, it may cause varicose veins in the legs, damage to the foot bones and foot deformations.

What should be considered when choosing a stiletto?

Due to its stiletto structure, it is a narrow and very difficult to use shoe model. Therefore, it will be useful to choose the stilettos that are suitable for your foot structure. If you have a thin foot structure, pointed toed stilettos will look very elegant on you. If you have a scalloped foot structure, You should prefer stilettos with a slightly wider and rounded tip. When buying shoes, you should especially look at the strength of the heels. Unstable shoe skeleton and playing heels will cause you not to walk properly and to get tired very quickly.

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Besides, it will work for you a few tricks to give it; If you are going to use it at night, you should choose models with the inner part of the foot open. These types of models both make your ankle look elegant and attract attention. For daily use, you should choose models with shorter heels and not too thin and narrow toes.

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Stilettos that have been forbidden to be worn on the grounds that they have provoked men since the first day they were designed, disrupted public morality, exposed women, and even painted parquets for a period; he managed to win this half-century war. We are sure that stilettos, which are preferred by self-confident and tasteful women, will never lose their place in shoe fashion. In addition, men who see these shoes as symbols of elegance and femininity are the biggest supporter of women.

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