What is Bootie? Who Can Wear? How to Wear Combination Recommendations

Do you know a woman who doesn’t have a passion for shoes? If you know them, they are really rare women. Whether sports or high heels; Inside every woman dreams of a huge room full of shoes! Let’s get to the booties. Booties, which have been very trendy for the last few years, perhaps many of us are from fashion programs. “I wish you were wearing a black bootie under these pants” He knows with his words. Even if we don’t know or can’t pronounce its name, we know that black bootien under those pants will be beautiful!

Until you meet the word bootie half or short boots It was the shoes we call. Usually we would wear it under our skirts and trousers in winter or autumn. Together with fashion programs, we are all one fashion critic After that, we started to make comments about booties can be worn in summer and with which clothes they will be more beautiful.

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Actually it wasn’t bad either; Taking advantage of the benefactors of the web, we saw that the beautifully dressed ladies began to walk on the streets like a catwalk. Well, do you really know what is a bootie? Now let’s see what the type of shoes we call bootie is, how to wear it and the combination suggestions:

What is Bootie?

What is Bootie?Even if we see the equivalent of the word bootie in English – Turkish dictionaries in many sources as ‘bootlegger’; The direction we are interested in in fashion is the meaning of booties and baby shoes. Of course, the meaning we want to tell now is much different than that. Before you start using the word bootie short boot, ankle boots and ankle we were using names like. In reality, booties are boots that end at your ankle. There are also models with thick heels, similar to flat, heeled or cowboy boots.

Starting from 2015, we also met with flat and light heeled booties with a much more masculine design and similar to men’s shoes. Booties preferred by many young ladies, Entered our lives in the 2010s. It is a type of shoe that can be worn even under comfortable daily combinations and adds extra elegance. We all know stilettos; Although they are very elegant and stylish, they are a great pain when you stay on your feet all day.

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For this reason, it was good to learn that everyday, even high-heeled shoes, can be achieved with a bootie. In addition to solid colors, you can find booties in neon colors or different patterns according to your style. In other words, you can see a stylish bootie on the feet of a plaza girl who is bored with wearing a stiletto, while you can also see a lady wearing a bohemian style or a pioneer of street fashion. It is a shoe model that can be interpreted in almost any style.

Who Can Wear a Bootie?

Who Can Wear a Bootie?Although you can interpret almost any type of bootie, there are a few points that you should hisse attention to as they are boots that end at the ankle. Especially you have a proper leg structure You can wear booties in an epic way. Slightly short women should be careful when choosing a bootie. Because models that cut from the ankle can show your leg length much shorter than it is.

If your lower leg, that is your calf, is bulk Again, you should be careful in choosing the bootie. Because the end of the booties at the wrist will cause the focus to shift to your calf. This way your calf will look more massive than it is. Of course, there is no rule that women with this physique cannot wear a bootie. If you can make the right combination! Namely; Booties, especially worn with short trousers, can cut your height even more and make you look too short than you are.

Even if you have extremely thin legs, you will have the appearance of legs like a stork, so to speak. Do not fail to wear a bootie because I am short; with same color socks and you can combine it with mini skirts. Remember, you can get very beautiful looks with the right combinations and knowing your physique well.

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How to Wear a Bootie?

How to Wear a Bootie?The autumn and spring months are a complete bootie season. We see the best combinations in these months. From skinny pantsis a type of shoe that can be worn in many different styles, from boyfriend jeans. It should also be said that it is a comfortable and stylish type. Because you can turn it into a more stylish style by wearing a bootie under the daily look you normally complete with sneakers.

With short skirts and shorts You should choose the booties you can combine according to your clothing style. Because booties have many different designs. You have many bootie options, from the very stylish ones to the unruly or sporty looking ones. In other words, you should not choose booties with the look we call cowboy boots or bikers under a stylish skirt.

When you want to wear a bootie with pants, the first thing to look out for trotter length. Of course, your height is also involved here. Booties worn under the wrong size can cut your height and make you look short. In tight jeans we call skinny, instead of tucking your leg in from the ankle of the boot, shortening it with a few folds will give you a much better look.

Ladies with a beautiful physique, a tight straight dress You can wear a bootie with. You can easily combine stylish booties with narrow long dresses called Shift and give the impression that this is a very elaborate combination.

Finally “My style is neither casual nor rebellious, I am bohemian.” If you say, chiffon fabric with your fluttering mini dresses You can also wear a bootie. The size and bootie model of the skirt you should hisse attention to. You should wear chiffon dresses close to the knee and tunic biçim, and booties resembling cowboy boots. You should also be careful with a thick heel or a flat bootie.

Bootie Combine Suggestions

Bootie Combine SuggestionsBootie usually tights and with skinny jeans combined. This combination style is most appreciated. In addition, in street fashion, which is the trend of recent times, bootie combinations are made even with boyfriend jeans and bohemian flit dresses. A basic t-shirt and boyfriend jeans can be combined with a stylish, rebellious or casual bootie. All you have to do is a few small changes. In other words, you can match the combination with a stylish bootie model with a stylish and flashy necklace you can wear around your neck. It is also possible to get a rebellious look with a jacket called Blazer and over-size.

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With midi skirts If you have the courage to combine, you can feel like New York Fashion Week participant style icons. Likewise, if it is a shabby bohemian mini dress, you can put yourself in the festive atmosphere. Shift dress It is possible to have a stylish and daily look with the straight mini dresses that wrap the body. Short women can look taller by combining shift dresses and bootie with tights of the same color.

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Denim and leather shorts is among the suitable clothes for booties. You can complete the shorts with or without socks in the same color as your shoes. “I trust my style and physique” If you are one of those who say, you should definitely not hesitate to try these combinations.

Let’s get to what you shouldn’t wear a bootie with … Maxi length and preferred with different models in recent years. with long skirts We recommend that you do not wear a bootie. We would like to point out that it is not a very nice look if worn. Under the skirt, they will look very rude and will not make much sense as they will not be visible. Of course, we do not see that it is correctly interpreted with long skirts. But you have to be really skilled at this.

Like in long skirts boyfriend jeans It is also difficult to combine a bootie; but when you achieve this, it is possible to get a great look. At this point, you need to hisse close attention to the length of the jeans and the bootie pattern.

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