What is oil ?

Oil is a fossil gasoline and non-renewable power supply.

Oil; shaped from the stays of marine organisms akin to vegetation, algae, and micro organism.

Over thousands and thousands of years of intense warmth and strain, these natural stays (fossils) have been reworked into the carbon-rich substances we rely on for gasoline uncooked supplies and all kinds of merchandise.

Oil reserves are oil deposits which can be trapped deep within the floor.


Oil reserves are discovered all around the world and are measured in barrels (bbl). A barrel of oil is roughly 100–200 liters (26–53 gallons).

Many of the international locations with the biggest oil reserves are members of the Group of the Petroleum Exporting Nations (OPEC).

In keeping with OPEC, greater than 80 % of the world’s confirmed oil reserves are positioned in OPEC member international locations.


There are various methods to categorise oil. Considered one of them is geography. Three main oil sources set benchmarks for rating and pricing different oil provides: Brent, West Texas, and Dubai and Oman.

Different methods of classifying oil are API gravity, which measures oil density relative to water, and the oil’s sulfur content material.


Engineers use superior tools, together with satellites, to find potential oil reserves below the earth or ocean.

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