What is hydrocarbon ?

All kinds of hydrocarbons are natural compounds containing solely carbon and hydrogen atoms.

The overall title of chemical compounds consisting of solely carbon and hydrogen CxHy atoms is known as ‘hydrocarbon’.

Utilized in autos; gasoline, diesel and LPG; Fuels comparable to pure gasoline, coal, bottled gasoline and gasoline oil utilized in houses are all mixtures of hydrocarbons.

Whereas hydrocarbons are utilized in many areas of the chemical trade, many sorts have an important place within the industrial sector.


Hydrocarbons; Relying on their construction, they’re categorised as aliphatic, fragrant and alicyclic compounds. Aliphatic and alicyclic compounds are categorised as saturated and unsaturated.

Saturated hydrocarbons comprise as a lot hydrogen as attainable. Carbons additionally stay linked to one another by a single electron bond shaped by an electron pair.

In unsaturated hydrocarbons, the carbons are linked to one another by double or triple bonds.

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