What is Bepanthen Cream, How is it used, what are the effects?

The use of Bepanthen cream is primarily for the treatment of dry and irritated skin. It is preferred by all skin types as it can be applied even to sensitive skin such as baby skin. Bepanthen Cream is applied to the irritated area as if massaged.
Bepanthen cream not only meets the moisturizing needs of dry skin, but also helps to balance the moisture content of oily skin. Therefore, it can be used as a daily care cream.

The use of Bepanthen as a daily care cream also protects the skin from external factors such as dust or irritation. It is used as a cream for hand and face and can be applied to different areas as needed.

What are the effects of Bepanthen cream?

The effects of Bepanthen cream vary according to use. However, the most common known effects are listed below:

  • Provides a bright and healthy appearance to the skin.
  • It fights according to skin problems and removes spots caused by external factors such as acne.
  • When used regularly, it provides an anti-aging effect as it meets the moisturizing need of the skin.
  • When used on hands and feet, it removes cracks caused by drying.
  • Provides therapeutic effect against redness and skin irritation.
  • It helps to remove spots and wrinkles in sun-exposed areas.
  • It helps the burned areas regain their old appearance.
  • Complaints such as spots caused by dry skin and flaking disappear after regular use.
  • It can be applied to the treated area to prevent drying in hair transplantation procedures.

Natural remedies for sun spots

All these treatments are known to be effective as a result of regular use. Therefore, the complaints made due to the lack of regular use are not definitive. However, the treatment process can be completed without the need for long-term use in treatments such as burns.

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The reason for using Bepanthen cream is important in the treatment process. The treatment information specifies how often and to which areas the cream can be applied. For this reason, knowing which is the diagnosis of the relevant region helps to get treatment results faster.

What are the types of Bepanthen cream?

Bepanthen cream types vary according to the usage needs. In addition to the creams suitable for standard use, there are formulas developed for special situations. Some known varieties of Bepanthen cream are listed below:

Bepantol: The difference between moisturizer and standard formula is that it is developed with a formula suitable for oily skin. It has restorative, moisturizing and stain removal effects on the skin.

Bepanthen Plus: It is no different from standard cream. Since it is a newly developed formula, it is only known to be more effective and give results in a short time.

Bepanthen ointment: It is known to develop mainly for the younger age group. It is used for irritation caused by the diaper, such as diaper rash. In some cases, it is known to be given as a therapeutic drug for adolescent acne.

Bepanthen Balsm: It is known as a moisturizer used for chapped lips. It is preferred because it offers healthier ingredients compared to cosmetic products.

Use of Bepanthen Cream

The use of Bepanthen cream depends on the purpose it is used for. The use of the cream for a specific treatment includes the instructions for use given by the doctor. In this case, it is recommended to act with the advice of a doctor to avoid any danger.

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If Bepanthen cream is to be used according to its daily moisturizing effect, there are different usage instructions according to skin type. If the skin type is oily, dry or combination then they are known as variants.
It is not recommended to apply too much cream in oily skin types as it will increase the moisture content even more. For this reason, it is possible to have healthy skin with oily skin types once a day.

In dry and combination skin, the creams used once may be insufficient to moisturize the skin. In this case, the use of dry skin twice a day, morning and night, is one of the important issues in terms of skin health.

It is recommended not to take too heavy cream during the application process. It is sufficient to spread the cream taken in the size of a chickpea to the area where the massage will be applied. It is important to use the cream regularly and correctly rather than using it too much.

How are the prices of Bepanthen cream?

Bepanthen cream prices vary depending on the weight or type of cream. The prices of the creams, which change every year, are not related to the company but to the collective price hike policy.

Bepanthen cream prices are known to range between 20 TL and 50 TL. These prices according to their types; More content offered for 28 TL, bepantol offered for oily skin goes up to 40 TL.

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The cream is also available in large or small forms. As a result, prices are known to vary. However, since they come out with different policies every year, prices may change from 2020.

Recommendations for users of Bepanthen Cream

Recommendations are given to those who use Bepanthen to achieve the most effective result. It is known that some of the known recommendations are as follows:

  • Doctors do not recommend it for pregnant women.
  • It is recommended to clean the skin with a good cleanser before use.
  • It is important for nursing mothers to use it for cracks in their nipples after each breastfeeding.
  • It is one of the important usage instructions that should not be applied around the eyes.
  • Oral administration is known to be dangerous.

In addition to the issues to be considered when applying Bepanthen cream, it is also important to buy the cream on the recommendation of a doctor. In fact, if there is an allergic condition or the spots on the skin are caused by different factors, the desired result may not be obtained.

In order to get the most effective result from the cream, first of all, the correct determination of the skin type, then the determination of whether there is an obstacle to the use of the cream and its regular application are given as the most basic recommendations. experts.

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