What does Clinoper cream do? How to use Clinoper cream? Clinoper cream price

Clinoper Gel, which is happy with those that have zits and pores and skin redness issues, and whose reputation has elevated lately, has additionally fallen on the agenda of social media. The place to discover Clinoper cream for individuals who face the identical issues? What does Clinoper cream do? How to use Clinoper cream? What is the price of Clinoper cream? explores questions. On this article, we answered all of your questions.

The lively ingredient of Clinoper cream, which docs usually prescribe, is Benzoyl peroxide and Clindamycin phosphate. This product, which is an efficient gel for zits (pimples), blackheads and whiteheads, is barely bought in pharmacies. Clinoper cream additionally minimizes the formation of micro organism with its construction that has the flexibility to instantly cut back the oil price even on extraordinarily oily pores and skin. This gel, which the customers are glad with, permits the outer floor of the pores and skin to be barely drier and peeling function, permitting extra oil and dust to be simply faraway from the pores and skin. Clinoper, bought in 25 and 50 gram gel types, offers very useful outcomes when used recurrently.

  • It additionally helps in making your pores and skin construction look easy.
  • Recognized to be produced in Istanbul by Argis Prescribed drugs trade, Clinoper gel could take 2-5 weeks to present its full impact.
  • The course of therapy shouldn’t last more than 12 weeks.
  • When utilizing this gel, which should be consulted to a specialist earlier than utilizing it, if dryness and irritation happen within the over-applied space, cut back the use of the drug beneath the supervision of a physician.


You must use this medication precisely as your physician has prescribed it. Clear the realm to be handled, wash with heat water and rinse. After drying, apply the gel to the acne-prone space in a skinny layer with the fingertip. Wash your fingers after software. It needs to be utilized solely as soon as a day within the night. It could not present its impact until it’s used day by day. If the gel shouldn’t be simply utilized to the pores and skin, an excessive amount of is being utilized.

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This drug is bought in pharmacies, you can’t discover it wherever apart from pharmacies. clinoper price 50.34 TLis .


Inform your physician instantly in case of stomach ache, issue in respiratory, hives, swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat.

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