What Are The Hair Benefits Of Herbal Oils?

What are the benefits of vegetable oils to hair? There are many natural oils a person can use to improve hair health, reduce hair loss, or grow faster. These oils are ingredients that can be found in a variety of commercially available products, including specialty shampoos and conditioners. So can applying natural oils directly to the scalp stimulate hair growth?
While more studies are needed on this topic, there is also some scientific evidence that natural oils make them healthier and stronger. The answers to your questions about natural oils that are good for your hair and what they do are in the rest of our article. Let’s start!..

Benefits of vegetable oils

Before giving information about what are the vegetable oils that are good for hair, I want to answer the question of what are the benefits of hair oils.

  • Provides hair repair
  • It revitalizes the hair by nourishing it from root to tip.
  • Prevents rapid hair breakage
  • Makes hair fuller and more well-groomed
  • Effective on damaged, dry and dull hair
  • Nourishes hair
  • It eliminates itching on the scalp.
  • Eliminate dandruff
  • Makes hair fuller and fuller

After giving some information about the benefits of vegetable oils to hair, I would like to give some information about which oil is good for hair. Here are oils that are good for your hair.

Vegetable oils that are good for hair

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil; It is one of the first natural oils that come to mind when it comes to faster, healthier and stronger hair growth. When applied directly to the scalp, it promotes faster hair growth by increasing blood flow to the area and helping improve cell metabolism.

You may feel tingling when you apply rosemary oil to your hair, and this is absolutely normal. You have to do; Shower with five drops of rosemary oil or add it to your shampoo or conditioner. You can also use rosemary oil to strengthen your eyebrows.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is an oil with antimicrobial properties similar to tea tree oil. When applied directly to the scalp and hair strands, it provides protection against bacteria that can inhibit hair growth. Another effect of lavender oil on hair health is that it provides a natural calming effect and loosens the hair follicles and strands.

Mint oil

Research on peppermint oil; It has been shown to support hair growth more than jojoba oil and many other oils that come to mind in the treatment of hair loss. Also, peppermint oil; There are also studies showing that hair strands become thicker and increase hair growth.

It helps to stimulate the scalp and ends. However, if you have a dry scalp problem or if your hair strands break easily, it is not recommended to be used in such cases. Peppermint oil is particularly effective for oily hair types. When applied directly to the hair, it has a cooling effect and this effect also helps reduce inflammation and faster hair growth.

Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass oil can strengthen the hair strands and is especially great for those with dandruff problems. You can apply this oil by massaging 3-5 drops on the scalp during shower. After waiting for two minutes, rinse with cold water.

Coconut oil

One of the most used oils in hair care is coconut oil. It is great for nourishing, moisturizing and making hair look shinier! You may find that your hair is dandruff-free and looks smoother when you massage your scalp with coconut oil. It also helps nourish damaged hair and stimulate growth.

How are natural oils applied to the hair?

Since aromatic oils are highly concentrated products, they can be effective even when applied in small amounts. However, it is also important to dilute the natural oils by mixing them with other carrier oils such as grapeseed or jojoba oil. If you are going to use natural oils for your hair to grow faster and nourish your hair;

  • If you have dry hair, an oil like avocado, coconut oil or shea butter can help nourish your scalp and moisturize your hair.
  • If you have oily hair; You can choose oils such as almond oil, apricot kernel oil or grape seed oil.

Aromatic oils are highly concentrated and must be diluted before application. After mixing the oils, gently massage your scalp in circular motions for 2-3 minutes. This application will accelerate the blood flow to the scalp.

Damage caused by natural oils to hair

When fragrance oils are diluted, they are generally well tolerated by the skin and hair. However, some people may experience allergic reactions such as irritation, swelling, or itching. If you react to any natural oil, you should wash your hair with soap and water as soon as possible. But; In cases such as shortness of breath, confusion or dizziness, you should consult your doctor.

How long do vegetable oils stay in the hair?

It is generally recommended to apply natural oils to the hair before taking a bath. Also, apply these oils that you can add to the shampoo you use directly on your hair and wait half an hour. You can take a bath after waiting half an hour after applying it to your hair.

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