Unconscious use of herbal products is life-threatening

A girl in her 40s, who used the product known as ‘brother’s blood’ that she had bought just lately, utilized to the hospital with complaints of extreme nausea and dizziness after some time and her life-threatening continued.

It was decided that the plant, which was offered below the identify ‘brother’s blood’ with the thought that it calms the nerves and is good for psychological issues, causes kidney and liver failure and poses a severe life-threatening state of affairs. Because of this of the researches, it was revealed that there is no such plant in Turkey and that the product offered below this identify is coral rocks.


Making statements on the topic, Phytotherapy Specialist Dr. Serhat Koran mentioned that varied components, together with the place the place the plant was collected, the space from the place the place it was collected to industrial wastes, the heavy steel ratio within the soil the place it was collected, the toxin ratio, the day and time of assortment, modified the lively substance ratio within the plant.

Koran acknowledged that it is identified that there are lively substances in vegetation at charges various as much as 100 occasions. “On this context, it is mandatory to purchase herbal products from dependable and accredited locations. It is essential to desire closed and packaged ones.” mentioned.

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Unconscious use of herbal products is life-threatening #2


Reminding that varied mixtures and herbal products are beneficial for use for psychological issues, therapeutic persistent illnesses, hair progress, pores and skin well being and weight reduction, Koran acknowledged that some herbs can have an hostile response when blended. “If there are medication used, they will improve their impact. They’ll trigger a load on the lungs, liver and kidneys. On this sense, a doctor needs to be consulted when an herbal product is used when a discomfort is felt. It is going to be helpful to get help from a department doctor or phytotherapy specialist.” he mentioned.

Koran acknowledged that one of the problems to be thought-about in regards to the products bought from the herbalist is to desire the product that is not uncovered to the solar or within the solar, and warned that the aromatherapy oil and tea combination offered in open and sun-exposed areas ought to positively not be bought. Expressing that the effectiveness of these products has decreased, Koran mentioned, “There is a really excessive chance that it might even have produced toxins. As a result of pure and natural vegetation have been affected by mild, humidity and solar, and have produced poisonous substances inside, which might trigger cirrhosis and even liver failure, particularly alpha toxin, which is very dangerous for the liver.” warned.

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