Turkish universities among the best in the world announced

Evaluations of the world rankings of 203 universities in Turkey by 11 rating establishments, together with METU URAP Laboratory, ARWU, CWUR, LEIDEN, NTU, QS, RUR, SCIMAGO, THE, USNEWS and WEBOMETRICS, have been printed by METU URAP.

In the report, the world rankings of 11 analysis universities and 5 candidate universities between 2013 and 2020 have been additionally evaluated for the first time.

Accordingly, in 2020 “World’s Prime 500 Universities” 9 Turkish universities occurred in the rating.

Hacettepe, METU and Koç have been listed as the high 3 of the 9 universities from Turkey. Hacettepe College entered the RUR record 378th, LEIDEN 455th and URAP five hundredth place.

On the different hand, METU ranked 416th in the WEBOMETRICS record, 454th in the RUR record, and 453th in the US NEWS record.


Koç College entered the THE record at the 450th place, the RUR record at the 448th place, and the QS record at the 465th place.

The 4 universities that entered the high 500 in the record of two out of 11 establishments are as follows:

“ITU (RUR: 449 and USNEWS: 486), Boğaziçi College (US NEWS: 197 and RUR: 425), Bilkent College (RUR: 385 and SCIMAGO: 494) and Istanbul College (LEIDEN: 355 and ARWU: 450).”

Sabancı (RUR: 344) and Çankaya (THE: 450) universities that entered certainly one of the high 500 lists.

In the report, concerning this example of universities, “In the world rankings in 2020, it’s a exceptional achievement for our nation that these 9 universities are in the high 500 in a minimum of one rating.” analysis was made.


Whereas 10 of the Turkish universities have been in the high 500 in the 2011 world rankings, the variety of those that may enter the high 500 final 12 months decreased to eight. This 12 months the quantity rose to 9.

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Istanbul College was in the high 500 in 4 lists in 2011 and in the high 500 in 2 lists in 2020, and misplaced its place in the high 500 in URAP and SciMago.

Whereas METU was in the high 500 in 4 rankings in 2011, it was among the high 500 in 3 lists in 2020. It was not included in the high 500 lists of URAP, LEIDEN and SciMago.

Hacettepe College, which was in the high 500 in 3 lists in 2011, was in a position to enter the high 500 in 3 rankings once more in 2020, dropping its place in the SciMago record.

Whereas Bilkent College was in the high 500 in 2 rankings 10 years in the past, it entered the high 500 in 2 lists once more in 2020, and couldn’t discover a place for itself in THE and QS rankings.

10 years after 2011, when it was included in 1 record, ITU succeeded in getting into the high 500 of an inventory, and it obtained out of THE rating.

Boğaziçi College entered the high 500 in 1 record in 2011 and in 2 lists in 2020, and ranked 197th in the US Information rating, the highest of the high 500. Boğaziçi College misplaced its place in the high 500 in THE rankings.

Sabancı College was included in 1 record in each 2011 and 2020, it was out of the QS rating.

Ankara College, which was on 3 rating lists in 2011, and Gazi and Ege universities, which have been on 2 rating lists, weren’t included in the high 500 record final 12 months.


The report additionally included the state of affairs of 203 Turkish universities that managed to enter the world normal rankings in 2020, outdoors of the high 500.

Accordingly, 5 universities that succeeded in being included in the record of 11 of the 11 rating establishments that make world college rankings have been Hacettepe, Istanbul, ITU, METU and Ankara Universities.

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Ege, Gazi, Bilkent and Boğaziçi universities discovered their place in the 10 lists of world rankings.

Dokuz Eylül, Koç and Erciyes Universities made it to 9 lists, Atatürk, Marmara, Yıldız Teknik, Çukurova, Sabancı to eight lists, and Selçuk, Akdeniz, Eskişehir Osmangazi, Gebze Teknik, Anadolu and İzmir Excessive Expertise Institute to 7 lists.

10 out of 6 of the world rankings; 5 of them entered 12, 4 of them 17, 3 of them 41 and a pair of of them 21 universities.

The variety of universities in just one rating was 79 this 12 months.


URAP is in Turkey for the first time this 12 months “analysis and candidate analysis universities”He studied the locations of the world in element.

In the report, which famous that the willpower of analysis universities and candidate analysis universities in Turkey is a vital improvement, it was emphasised that educational competitors would additionally enhance success and the probability of being among the best universities in the world would enhance over time.

5 of 16 analysis and candidate analysis universities in Turkey have been included in the high 500 record in 2020.

Among these universities, Hacettepe and METU 3 entered the high 500 in the record.

ITU, Bogazici and Istanbul College have been among the high 500 universities in 2 lists every.

Turkish universities among the best in the world announced #2


Hacettepe College, which was ranked 458th in the URAP 2013 world rating and ranked between 500-550 in the following years, turned the solely analysis college to enter the high 500 in 2020. Hacettepe was decided as “the college that best preserved its place” in the URAP rating in the 2013-2020 interval.

Istanbul College entered the high 500 for 3 consecutive years in the URAP rating in 2013-2015, and have become 632nd in 2020.

İTÜ was in the high 500 for the first time in 2014 and ranked 725th in 2020.

METU, which was in the high 500 in 2013-2015, ranked 751st in 2020.

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Ankara College ranked 510th in 2013 and 824th in 2020.

Ege College, which was in the high 500 in URAP’s 2013-2014 rating, entered the record from the 915th place in 2020.

Gazi College, which was 519th in 2013, was 924th in 2020.

Rating 734th in 2013 in the URAP rating, Boğaziçi College ranked 575th in 2014 and 1096th in 2020.

Erciyes College ranked 879th in 2013 and 1101st in 2020 in the URAP rating.

Equally, different analysis and candidate analysis universities have regressed in the URAP rating since 2013. Since Istanbul College-Cerrahpaşa was newly established, it entered the URAP rating for the first time in 2020 and ranked 1215th.

URAP Coordinator Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut, in his analysis of the report, identified that Turkish universities are making nice efforts to rise to the high of the world rankings.


Akbulut, “When the variety of publications and citations is examined, it’s seen that the publications and citations of our universities enhance barely yearly. Nevertheless, our fee of enhance in the variety of publications and citations stays beneath the world common.” made its evaluation.

Akbulut, who gave an instance of how Chinese language universities achieved their purpose of being among the best in the world, because of years of affected person and tireless work, stated, “Our analysis universities can obtain success with out discouraging them with persistence, rising the quantity and high quality of their publications, establishing new laboratories and recruiting proficient researchers overseas.” used the phrases.

Akbulut, “analysis college” He famous that the acceptance of the idea and the nice efforts of college directors and teachers on this difficulty enhance the probabilities of success.

Turkish universities among the best in the world announced #3

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