Genetic diseases can be detected in the womb

Medical Genetic Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ayşegül Kuşkucu acknowledged that genetic diseases can be prevented earlier than the child is born.

There are genetic diseases that can happen by likelihood, resembling Down syndrome. For these diseases, solely a pattern of the mom’s blood can be used to detect the child’s Down syndrome or different chromosomal abnormalities with 90 to 99 p.c accuracy. Reminding that genetic diseases happen because of an issue in the genes an individual has from delivery, Medical Genetics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ayşegül Kuşkucu gave vital info on the topic.

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Assoc. Dr. Aysegul Kuskucu, “These are diseases that can trigger psychological and cognitive dysfunction in addition to trigger bodily issues and are sadly incurable. Because of this, you will need to forestall the incidence of genetic diseases and to find out whether or not the child has a genetic illness earlier than it’s born. We’ve got two strategies at our disposal to make sure that wholesome youngsters are born. The primary of those is genetic testing that can be carried out whereas the child is in the womb. With a pattern taken from the mom’s blood throughout being pregnant, it can be decided whether or not chromosomal diseases resembling Down Syndrome, which can happen by likelihood, or whether or not a recognized genetic illness in the household is handed on to the baby by taking fluid in the womb. In circumstances the place the mom or father is a provider, it’s doable to convey wholesome youngsters into the world by selecting wholesome embryos, which is one other technique.” he mentioned.

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Underlining that genetic diseases can be prevented earlier than the child is born, Assoc. Dr. Aysegul Kuskucu, “To start with, it’s crucial to find out what the illness is, which gene is flawed, and the way the mother and father carry it. With the intention to decide the illness, we both take fluid from the mom’s womb throughout the being pregnant and make the crucial examinations, or a wholesome embryo can be chosen by in vitro fertilization earlier than being pregnant happens, in order that the child is born wholesome. used his statements.

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Assoc. Dr. Ayşegül Kuşkucu continued her phrases as follows: “In some circumstances, {couples} might not be carriers regardless of having a genetic illness in the household. We can solely decide this after the examinations to be made. Consanguineous marriages, that are additionally crucial for our nation, pose a danger in phrases of genetic diseases. Subsequently, it’s helpful for these {couples} to obtain genetic counseling companies towards the danger of creating genetic diseases after consanguineous marriages. We can improve their probabilities of having wholesome youngsters by discussing these dangers with {couples} and offering info on the most correct strategies. At this level, in vitro fertilization remedies are principally used.”

Reminding that some genetic diseases happen by likelihood in Turkey, as in the remainder of the world, Assoc. Dr. Ayşegül Kuşkucu gave the following info: “At this level, there is no such thing as a query of parental surrogacy or consanguineous marriage. Impartial of those, we’re speaking about the incidence of diseases by likelihood. For instance, Down syndrome. Though it’s acknowledged that superior maternal age is an element, there’s a risk that the child of a 25-26 yr outdated mom will be born with Down syndrome. Nevertheless, due to the creating know-how, screening checks can now be carried out in such diseases that can be seen by likelihood. Solely a pattern of the mom’s blood is taken and the free child DNA that has handed into the mom’s blood is examined. On this approach, it can be detected with 90 to 99 p.c accuracy whether or not the child has Down syndrome or different chromosomal abnormalities with none interventional process. In non-invasive genetic screenings, this examination can be carried out with a blood pattern given any week after the tenth week of being pregnant.

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