The tendency to believe in conspiracy theories has increased due to the coronavirus

The yr 2020 was very tough due to the coronavirus epidemic that emerged in Wuhan, China and quickly affected the entire world.

Though many individuals assume that the coronavirus emerged from a seafood market in the metropolis of Wuhan, there are additionally those that attribute the epidemic to 5G expertise.

As for the vaccine, the claims that Invoice Gates will implant a chip in folks have additionally been extremely popular in current weeks.


In accordance to the examine, which was carried out between January 20 and February 11 in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy, in which roughly 8,000 folks participated, coronavirus The pandemic has made Europeans extra bored and pessimistic.

The findings confirmed that the tendency of these residing in these international locations to believe in conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and vaccine has increased due to the pandemic.

The tendency to believe in conspiracy theories has increased due to the coronavirus #1

36 % of respondents in France, 32 % of these in Germany and Italy, and 31 % of these in the UK stated their nation’s well being ministry was working with pharmaceutical corporations to conceal the dangers of the vaccine.

The proportion of people that felt that governments took benefit of the disaster to “management and monitor” residents was 42 % in France, 41 % in England, 40 % in Italy and 39 % in Germany.

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80% of respondents in the UK stated they’ve had or can have a coronavirus vaccine. Whereas this fee was 76 % in Italy and 66 % in Germany, it decreased to 49 % in France.

Lastly 54 % of the contributors stated that they didn’t have sufficient details about vaccines or the virus, and 25 % thought that vaccines could be ineffective.


Since the first day of the coronavirus, many conspiracy theories have been put ahead. Nevertheless, as you’ll be able to think about, most of those claims are unfounded. In the sixteenth episode of our techno ‘ten’ collection, we examined 10 conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. You could find our associated content material beneath.

Techno ‘on’ Episode 16 – ”10 conspiracy theories about the coronavirus”

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