The name that is not on the agenda: Who is Tarkan Tevetoğlu?

Who is Tarkan is Turkey’s megastars? questions are frequently searched in search engines. Is Tarkan married? Who is his wife? Albums? What makes it so popular? How tall? how old? Whence? Which school did he graduate from? How did he become famous? For your questions like

Turkey’s megastars of the 2000s raged pop singer Tarkan world, stroke is a kind of agenda we have compiled what you’re curious about the name Tevetoglu.

Who is Tarkan Tevetoğlu?

Tarkan Tevetoğlu was born on 17 October 1972 in Germany-Frankfurt Alzey as the 5th child of the family. Growing up in Germany until 1986 Tevetoğlu decided to return to Turkey with his family. Completing his high school life at Kocaeli Karamürsel High School, Tarkan’s interest in pop music started in these years. Tarkan, who started to study Turkish Classical Music in order to feed this interest, received training at the Karamürsel Advanced Music Association in high school. Continuing to improve himself during his high school years, Tevetoğlu continued his music education at the Istanbul Üsküdar Music Society.

His Career – How Did He Get Famous?

Tarkan, who started performing in various places in his university life, decided to make an album. However, when he could not find the attention he was looking for, he decided to return to Germany. Before he could realize this decision, he met Mehmet Söğütoğlu, the owner of the Istanbul Record Company, and they made an album deal.

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Tarkan started his album works after the agreement and prepared 15 tracks for his first album in about 8 months. His album, which he prepared the lyrics with Alpay, was released in 1992 under the name ‘Against Sensizlik’. The album came to the forefront with the track ‘Hairless Abi’ and sold 700 thousand copies.

In May 1994, his popularity increased with the work named ‘A Acayipsin’ supported by Sezen Aksu in his second album. Tevetoğlu, who signed an agreement with Universal Music Group in 1998, released a compilation album named after him in 1999. With this album, he was awarded paltin and gold awards in various countries.

In 2001. Tevetoğlu became the brand face of many world famous advertising companies.

How Did Tarkan Reach World Famous?

In her fourth album, Karma, which was released in 2001, she recorded her songs ‘Kuzu Kuzu’, ‘Hüp’, ‘Verme’. In 2003, he released his world-famous song ‘Dudu Dudu’ with the album ‘Ölürüm Sana’. This album reached more than 900 thousand sales in Russia.

In 2006, he released his first English album ‘Come Closer’ and with this album he managed to enter the European charts. His album named ‘Metamorfoz’, which he published in 2007, was appreciated by the Turkish Language Association. In 200, he released the album ‘Write to My Name’s Heart’, which became the best selling album of the year.

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Tarkan, who devoted himself to Turkish Art Music, gave the right to the education he received during his high school years and released ‘Ahde Vefa’, a Turkish Art Music album, in 2016. Tevetoğlu also participated in the New Year’s event broadcast on Turkish television on the 2017 New Year’s Eve with this album.

Tarkan, whom his father referred to as the Prince of Pop, is known as a singer who has sold over 15 million albums until this time.


14 Kral Music Awards,

6 Golden Butterfly Awards,

He has one World Music Award.

Discography – Albums

Again Without You – 1992

A Bizarre – 1994

I Die – 1997

Karma – 2001

Come Closer – 2006

Metamorphosis – 2007

Write My Name To Your Heart – 2010

Ahde Vefa – 2016

10 – 2017

Tarkan’s Height


Where is Tarkan

Originally Turkish, Tarkan was born in Germany, Alzey.

Private life

Tarkan combined his life with Pınar Dile with a sudden decision on April 29, 2016. One year after this partnership, we learned that he would become a father with Tevetoğlu video, which was the subject of social media.

Is Tarkan Tevetoğlu becoming a father for the second time?

Tarkan, who became a father for the first time on July 12, 2018, is said to be a father for the second time, according to reports in October 2019.

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