Scientific Committee Member: Restrictions May Come

Scientific Committee Member Tevfik Özlü, who we often see during the Covid-19 pandemic, said that new restrictions may come soon. Stating that they prepared the measures as members of the Scientific Committee, Özlü stated that new restrictions will be applied according to the course of the epidemic.

In the coronavirus pandemic, in our country as well as all over the world second wave It started to live in an extremely harsh way. Although some restrictions have been imposed across the country due to the increasing number of cases and deaths, there are still no large-scale bans. Scientific Committee Member making a statement on this subject Tevfik ÖzlüIf increases in coronavirus cases continue, some your restrictions He said he could come. Stating that they have made the necessary preparations in this regard, Özlü said, “TThere are queues for est, and the number of severe cases is increasing in intensive care beds. Serious problems may occur.He summed up the dangerous situation in the middle.

Making important statements in a live broadcast he attended Concise, “If the increases continue, of course some restrictions and limitations will come.” said. “We have prepared all the steps, all the steps and the measures to be taken regarding the measures to be taken regarding this process.Saying Scientific Board member, “The timing, coverage and dosage of the recommendations are in the hands of the public administration.”Used expressions.

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Density increases in metropolitan cities

Saying that too many people come to hospitals due to the coronavirus pandemic ConciseThere are queues for testing, especially in large cities, heavy case numbers also stated that it increased.

The need for test kits will also increase

The more contamination test kit need Stating that it will increase, Özlü said, “We may experience a strain there as well, if the cases cannot be limited” said. Big for everyone responsibility The Scientific Committee member, who said that he had fallen, said that ignoring the measures as if there was nothing to evolve into worse pictures in the coming days saddened them.


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If we look at the statements of Özlü, a member of the Scientific Committee, soon new measures can come. Although measures have been proposed by the Scientific Committee at the moment, it seems that from now on, management will make certain decisions according to the economy and other factors.

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