Sacha Baron Cohen: Who Is The Star Of The Spy?

Who is Sacha Baron Cohen, who is the leading actor after The Spy series, which started to be broadcast on the Netflix platform, are frequently sought in search engines. How old is Sacha Baron Cohen? You can find answers to your questions such as his TV series and movies, religion, marriages, etc., via

Who is Sacha Baron Cohen?

Sacha Baron Cohen was born on 13 October 1971 in Hammersmith, England / London. British actor and comedian, whose full name is Sacha Noam Baron Cohen, is the son of Israeli immigrants Daniella and Gerald Baron Cohen. Gerald Baron Cohen is known as the owner of a clothing store. The British actress, born in London and raised in Wales, is also known as a devout Jew.

* Sacha Baron Cohen was added as Baron surname by his grandfather Morris Cohen.

The cousin of Sacha Baron, who has two brothers, is Simon Baron Cohen, who researches autism.

Education Life

Cohen studied at The Haberdashers ‘Aske’s Boys’ school in Elldre Hertfordshire, and completed his university education at Cambridge Universty. Cohen graduated second in the history department here, and also took part as a member of Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club.

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His career– Movies and Series in which he has acted

When Sacha Baron Cohen stepped into the acting world, his biggest idol was Peter Sellers.

After completing his university education, Cohen modeled for a while. In 1995, he was accepted to Channel 4, with a video that he shot as a television reporter for the presenter job. This was the first step in Sacha Baron’s career. He started the drama business in 1995 with the television series Jack and Jeremy’s Police 4.

Cohen, who started to host a talk show for Granada Talk TV in 1996, started to take part in commercials at that time. He started his career in the cinema industry with a role in the British comedy ‘Jolly Boys Last Stand’.

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen Who Lives His Characters

Sacha Baron Cohen has been remembered for his many typings throughout his career. These; Characters like Ali G, Borat, Brüno, and Admiral General Aladeen.

Between 1998-1999, he introduced one of his unforgettable characters, Ali G, with the program called the 11 Hour Show, and Ali G’s character was very popular after this program. So much so that Ali G was not only a program character, but a short film, television series and a movie was shot for the same character. (Ali G inda House) Sacha Baron Cohen featured the characters of Borat and Brüno in his program named Da Ali G Show.

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In 2006, he played the character of Pirelli in the horror-musical Tim Burton movie Sweeney Todd, starring Jonny Depp. He then voiced Julien in the sequel Madagascar 2. In 2009, he transferred the character of Brüno to the big screen.

Sacha Baron Cohen, also known as a comedian, gave life to the character of Julien with his voice in the movie Madagascar. Following this, Cohen, who started to regularly appear in comedy movies, is undoubtedly the Borat karat character. (Borat: Glorious Kazakhstan)

Accelerated Acting

Sacha Baron, who also appeared in the animated series The Simspons, also starred in Martin Scorsese’s 5 Oscar-winning film Hugo.

The actor who gave life to the character of Aladeen in the movie Dictator, which is a movie about the life of a dictator in 2012, was highly appreciated. Sacha Baron Cohen drew such attention with his acting that he started appearing in multiple movies in the same year. In 2012, she appeared in Les Misérables, Brothers Grimsby, and Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking-Glass. Finally, Cohen, who attracted attention with the series called The Spy, published on the Netflix platform, seems to be a name we will see with many more productions.


He became the Oscar Nominee of that year with the Borat character he gave life to. In addition, Sacha Baron Cohen, who was nominated for 34 different awards, has 24 awards.

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