MIT neutralized 2 terrorists in northern Iraq

Turkey, which resolutely continues its combat towards terrorist organizations inside the border, doesn’t let terrorists cross the border.

The Nationwide Intelligence Group (MIT) has added a brand new one to its cross-border operations.

It was decided that the so-called high-level members of the group, who couldn’t step exterior the caves they had been hiding, gave motion directions in order to show that the group’s existence continues.


It has been decided by the MIT that the explosives produced by Emrah Yıldızer, code-named Dewran Gilidax, and Barış Soydan, code-named Andok Oramar, are deliberate for use in the mentioned actions.

The 2 terrorists, who had been positioned and adopted, had been neutralized with explosives in the air operation carried out in the Duhok countryside in northern Iraq on April 4th.



It was decided that Yıldızer, who went to Iraq in 2018, acquired explosive and sabotage coaching inside the so-called particular forces that deliberate the PKK’s actions towards Turkey.

However, it was famous that the operations carried out throughout the border, in which the PKK terrorist group cadres had been neutralized, ensured that the contact between the so-called leaders of the group and the activist cadres had been reduce.

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It was famous that high-level members of the group, who needed to cover because of the operations, misplaced their dominance over PKK terrorists.

MIT neutralized 2 terrorists in northern Iraq #2

MIT neutralized 2 terrorists in northern Iraq #3

MIT neutralized 2 terrorists in northern Iraq #4

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