Methods of coping with test anxiety of children and adolescents

prof. Dr. Serdar Cömert stated that high quality sleep and balanced weight loss plan accompanying deliberate work will increase motivation.

Exams come to us at each stage of our lives. Aim-oriented, affected person, disciplined work each reduces anxiety and brings success. A web-based info assembly on “Little one and Adolescents’ Views on Examination Anxiety and Methods of Coping” was held at Istanbul Coaching and Analysis Hospital Süleymaniye Gynecology and Pediatrics Hospital. Consultants in several fields on the topic made options to households.

Methods of coping with test anxiety of children and adolescents #1


Referring to the significance of examination anxiety, Session Chair Prof. Dr. Serdar Cömert said that examination anxiety is a vital drawback ceaselessly noticed amongst children and adolescents in the present day. “Examination anxiety is expressed as intense anxiety that stops the efficient use of info in the course of the examination. Examination anxiety is necessary as a result of it results in a big lower in success. Many elements play a task within the formation of this anxiety, the significance given to the examination, the picture created within the thoughts in regards to the examination, and the The strain of the social setting is one of the most typical causes. It’s attainable to forestall or cut back examination anxiety with some approaches that the kid and household ought to take.” stated.

Offering details about the elements affecting examination anxiety, Little one Well being and Ailments Specialist Raziye Dut said that there are exams in each interval of our lives. “Goal-oriented, affected person, disciplined work each reduces anxiety and brings success. Day by day, weekly, month-to-month research plans (the quantity of inquiries to be solved day by day, subjects to be repeated, new info to be discovered, and so on.) ought to be checked intermittently. Care ought to be taken to stick to the plan. Trial earlier than the examination As a substitute of being upset about failing of their exams, they need to establish the place they went fallacious, what they lacked, what they did not know. Surprising crises, adjustments in our lives are alternatives for us to disclose our potential. Self-confidence develops and will get stronger as we work, put in effort and style the sense of success. Accompanying them will increase motivation. 8-9 hours of high quality sleep is really useful for adolescents aged 12-19. Along with foremost meals, wholesome snacks (hazelnut, peanut, walnut, date, apple, and so on.) ought to be most popular for snacks. stated.

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Methods of coping with test anxiety of children and adolescents #2


Psychologist Alperen Ak, describing the strategies of coping with test anxiety in adolescents, “College and highschool exams are sometimes perceived as turning factors for younger individuals and their households. Exams which were studied for a very long time and dreamed of can generally turn out to be a higher burden than they need to be. In these circumstances, children expertise feelings and bodily signs earlier than and in the course of the examination. They could not have the ability to obtain the success they need. There are additionally measures that younger individuals and households can take to forestall this case, and strategies that may stand as much as this test anxiety. Crucial level in dealing with test anxiety is to note and settle for the issue. It may be significantly lowered by angle and program.” stated.

The actions to be held are listed as follows:

1. Efficient work,

2. Way of life,

3. Lifelike pondering (as an alternative of unrealistic ideas),

4. Use of consideration,

5. Anxiety-reducing strategies,

6. Figuring out the examination technique.

Emphasizing that it’s attainable to optimize the examination time with a superb technique, Ak stated, “The methods to be decided for an environment friendly examination are completely different from individual to individual. As a result of individuals’s data, remembering info, studying and writing speeds differ. You may develop the perfect technique to extend your success by taking follow exams and evaluating your conduct on the finish of the examination.

In case of anxiety that will come up in the course of the examination, a easy respiratory train could be useful to calm your self; Inhale for 4 seconds, maintain for 4 seconds, exhale slowly for 4 seconds. Repeat this a number of instances. Within the meantime, constructive options to your self will enable you settle down and hold you centered.” stated.

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Psychologist Yeliz Polat said that the efficiency of the younger individuals will likely be decisive within the upcoming examination they’ll enter as a way to decide the division they’ll research and the career they’ll do sooner or later. “The attitudes of the mother and father of the younger individuals throughout this troublesome examination course of are additionally necessary as a result of the preparation course of for the examination is a interval when the younger and the kid are very delicate emotionally and spiritually, and the assist from the rapid setting can be necessary. This era is usually a course of wherein anxiety arises within the younger. Anxiety can negatively have an effect on each the psychological well being and examination efficiency of the younger individual. Anxiety is pure to a sure extent, however when it reaches a degree that makes it troublesome for the kid to give attention to the examination, the household ought to understand this case and assist the younger individual by calming them down and speaking about their emotions. It is very important meet the fundamental wants of the kid by creating an setting the place they’ll research peacefully and comfortably. The examination is much less necessary than your kid’s bodily and psychological well being, it is just his future. It is very important give the message that it is a vital state of affairs for him to attempt for and take accountability for, and to assist him get by way of this course of with out horrifying and upsetting in regards to the examination.” stated.

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Methods of coping with test anxiety of children and adolescents #3


Emphasizing the significance of diet in the course of the examination interval, Dietician Yasemin Soylu stated, “Examination stress, which happens just a few days earlier than the college examination, can carry alongside many consuming issues. Right, sufficient and balanced diet has many advantages corresponding to positively affecting bodily and psychological well being, growing success, long-term continuity of focus, elimination of distraction, and stress discount. 3 foremost meals a day. and 3 snacks ought to be made in order that blood sugar doesn’t lower.Meals shouldn’t be skipped.For lunch and dinner, low-fat meat, rooster, fish, yogurt, ayran, greens and legumes, bulgur pilaf, entire wheat pasta could be most popular. Meals with excessive vitamin, mineral and fiber content material ought to be most popular, not fast-rising candy chocolate, and so on. These can consist of nuts and recent dried fruits. It’s identified that omega 3 strengthens reminiscence and facilitates studying. Due to this fact, 2 walnuts each day, 2 servings of fish per week, darkish inexperienced leaves corresponding to spinach and purslane in salads Aware greens are extra appropriate to be most popular. Consumption of greens and fruits with excessive antioxidant content material additionally reduces stress. Very heavy fatty meals shouldn’t be eaten earlier than the examination day. Tea and espresso shouldn’t be drunk as they’ll trigger sleep issues. A product that has by no means been tried earlier than shouldn’t be consumed the day earlier than the examination. On the morning of the examination, a breakfast consisting of entire wheat bread, boiled eggs, low-fat feta cheese, walnuts or pumpkin seeds could be acceptable. Salty cheeses and olives shouldn’t be most popular as they’ll enhance thirst.” stated.

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