Measures to be taken to prevent gynecological diseases in the summer period


Gynecological examination is the examination that each girl ought to have annually for management functions. On this manner, early prognosis of diseases can be made. Gynecological examination is carried out by obstetricians and gynecologists. The gynecological examination is a brief examination and isn’t a painful process. Because of this, it is vital for ladies to have a gynecological examination annually for the prevention and early prognosis of any illness that will happen.


Op.Dr. Süleyman Yeniocak acknowledged that the overwhelming majority of girls have gynecological examinations when the illness happens, and the most necessary factor is to take precautions earlier than the illness happens and to act early in this regard. He acknowledged that infections that will happen in the pool and sea, particularly with the onset of summer months, trigger diseases in ladies.

3Don't keep wet swimsuits on you because...

Do not hold moist swimsuits on you as a result of…

Stating that the causes for the improve in gynecological diseases in ladies throughout the summer months are the unsuitable pH worth in the pool and the sea, the danger of an infection from too many crowds, the inadequate cleansing system of the pool, the inadequate water circulation in the swimming pools, Süleyman Yeniocak mentioned that moist swimsuits are at the high of those causes. and standing in a moist swimsuit, fungus and many others. He mentioned it induced diseases.


Stating that standing in a moist and damp swimsuit causes gynecological sufferers, particularly vaginal infections, Yeniocak mentioned that having a shower whereas coming into and leaving the pool and the sea prevents infections.

5What are the symptoms of vaginal infections

What are the signs of vaginal infections?

In instances similar to itching, unhealthy odor, fungal infections, swelling, irritation, slight bleeding, redness, problem urinating, and marking, an obstetrician ought to be consulted as quickly as doable.

6How does the diagnosis process take place in gynecological diseases?

In the prognosis strategy of this illness, firstly, the affected person’s historical past is listened to and details about the illness and complaints is obtained. After this stage, the affected person is examined by mendacity on the gynecological examination desk. In the most necessary stage, the an infection attributable to the illness is tried to be discovered in varied laboratories or, if mandatory, by ultrasound.


Conditions similar to whether or not the affected person is catching germs from the sea or the pool, standing for a very long time in a moist swimsuit, or the vaginal space can not be cleansed of germs in the bathe can set off diseases.


At this level, Yeniocak mentioned that the greatest activity in the therapy course of fell on the affected person, in order that the affected person shouldn’t enter the contaminated sea and swimming pools. He emphasised the safety of the vaginal space from moist and humid environments similar to the sea and pool for some time, if mandatory.

9What can be done to prevent infections and take precautions during the treatment process?

What can be accomplished to prevent infections and take precautions throughout the therapy course of?

– If doable, keep away from swimming in the pool and the sea when the pool and sea are crowded.

– Take a bathe particularly after the sea and the pool.

– In the morning, when the pool and sea are cleaner, you must enter the sea and the pool between 09.00 and 11.00 in the morning. Thus, it is protected against the unhealthy rays of the solar (UV rays).


-The pH ratio of the pool and the sea can also be necessary. (Acidity is larger in locations with low pH.)

-You shouldn’t swim in stagnant and polluted waters, in the foamy and green-looking sea.

– Private gadgets similar to seashore towels, bonnets, glasses, slippers, bikinis and swimsuits shouldn’t be shared.


– Don’t swim in the pool or the sea after heavy rain. As a result of this will trigger the an infection to progress and improve the microbes.

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