How to clean chicken from antibiotics? Recommendation from the professor – Video

It’s no secret that antibiotics are utilized in the breeding of broiler chickens.

Antibiotics are utilized in the therapy of chickens, and in addition with the assist of antibiotics, producers improve the muscle tissue of chickens.

When chicken enters the human physique, antibiotics start to accumulate right here, which, after all, may be very dangerous to human well being.

How a lot antibiotics can be utilized to clean chicken?

introduces you to the suggestions of the Russian specialist, Physician of Medical Sciences, Professor Viktor Zakrevsky.

In accordance to the professor, antibiotics are broadly utilized in the manufacturing of meat, eggs and even honey.

In accordance to the professor, the solely method to take away antibiotics from chicken meat is to cook dinner the chicken in water. On this case, most of the antibiotics from chicken go into the broth.

In accordance to the processor, the quantity of antibiotics in chicken cooked in water is lowered by 10 occasions. The ensuing broth, after all, can’t be used, it have to be discarded.

No different cooking methodology cleans chicken from antibiotics.

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