If you do not want to age quickly and get sick, do the following: stroll, bathe, yogurt …

Professor William Memersky, a Bulgarian geneticist, creator of dozens of books and lecturer at 200 universities in 63 nations round the world, believes that 66 p.c of human ailments rely upon the meals he chooses. presents fascinating details about human well being revealed by the professor with reference to overseas media.

About the getting old course of

Getting old is not a pure course of. In accordance to many scientists, this can be a illness, and we ourselves are accelerating it with our unhealthy consuming habits. 70% of individuals in the world die due to malnutrition. Dangerous merchandise we eat trigger gout, stroke, coronary heart assault, diabetes, and varied sorts of most cancers.

Do wholesome meals decelerate the getting old course of?

By following easy diet guidelines, it’s doable to maintain pores and skin and organs younger. The primary factor is not to go to extremes. The professor claims that greens, fruits, yogurt, milk, wine delay getting old. Nevertheless, wine ought to be pure and used sparingly. In France, for instance, there’s a custom of softening meat with purple wine. Because of this, the French stay more healthy and fitter.

Pure yogurt stands out in the first place. Yogurt fermented with milk powder has no therapeutic impact. Pure yogurt is a greater digestible meals. It prevents most cancers of the abdomen and colon, stops the growth of osteoporosis.

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The simplest method to drop some pounds and cleanse the physique

Pour 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 40 drops of 30% bee propolis (propolis is obtained by bees by amassing and processing resin-like substances in tree shoots, younger branches and leaves) into 500 g of pure yogurt. Desserts may be diversified with wholesome meals. You may add blueberries, bananas, strawberries and walnuts.

This scrumptious dish may be eaten as a breakfast or dinner. If you eat 2 tablespoons of this dessert each 2 hours for 20 days, you will see that your again is thinner, your hair is shiny, and your basic situation has improved.

Pure nutritional vitamins for magnificence

The very best nutritional vitamins for magnificence are in carrots and garlic. Experiments in Azerbaijan have additionally proven that garlic has magical properties. They put a glass of water stuffed with soiled and pathogenic germs subsequent to a glass of water with garlic. After just a few hours, there have been no indicators of germs. The odor of garlic destroyed them even from afar!

Propolis has related properties. It kills flu viruses, fights gastritis, colitis and micro organism, and is a superb software for most cancers prevention. To do this, add 20-30 drops of bee propolis to 50 ml of water and drink twice a day.

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You may put together the following masks to make your hair, nails and pores and skin look youthful.

In a glass bowl, add the similar quantity of honey, walnut kernels, raisins, dried apricots, lemon juice and take 3 occasions a day.

Poisonous merchandise

Greater than 200 chemical compounds have been created round the world that give merchandise a pleasing odor and style. It has already been decided that these substances could cause dying in an enriched type. Subsequently, learn even the smallest textual content on the merchandise you purchase fastidiously, as a result of dangerous elements are often transferred there. Artificial dietary supplements, sodium nitrate and nitrite sodium are one in every of the commonest killers of youth and well being. These substances are utilized in canned meat to forestall put on. The above-mentioned substances are ample in sausages, sizzling canine, bacon, ham and canned fish.

Essentially the most harmful preservatives are butylate hydroxytuol and bulilat hydrocyanizole. They’re utilized in the preparation of chips to forestall the bitterness of oils. It is usually used to protect the shelf life and freshness of ready-made truffles, chewing gum, pasta and different merchandise. The worst factor is that kids love these merchandise extra. Their threat of growing most cancers and allergy symptoms may be very excessive.

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Prepared-made juices are additionally a supply of hazard for kids. They comprise bromine vegetable oil. This substance prevents the spoilage of citrus juices. Nevertheless, this fats is an actual poison for the human physique. So for juices that you squeeze with your individual arms.

Salty and candy merchandise are like making a coffin for your self!

In the early twentieth century, folks consumed 5 occasions much less sugar than immediately. Sugar is the most horrible white curse for man. It causes nice injury to the coronary heart, kidneys and abdomen. So neglect fizzy drinks and lemonades.

Excessive salt consumption leads to hypertension. Snacking on an empty abdomen is particularly harmful. If you want to have a wholesome and vibrant physique, avoid merchandise equivalent to popcorn and chips fried in the microwave.

A recipe for longevity from Professor William Memersky

  • Do not eat high-calorie merchandise.

  • Eat an apple day-after-day.

  • For frozen water and natural teas.

  • Be energetic and cellular.

  • Take a bathe day-after-day.

  • Sleep in a cool room.

  • Stroll and journey a motorcycle on weekends.

  • Encompass your self with pals who love you, do not quit intercourse and chuckle quite a bit.

  • By no means suppose or say that you are getting previous.

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