History of the Turkish flag

It’s the story of the historical past of our flag, a present from the blood of our martyrs, which flutters most in our hearts with its crimson coloration, crescent and star…

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There are various legends about the Turkish flag; tells the superb story of his arrival till at present. It has come and settled in our hearts, getting much more invaluable on the roads it has crossed over the centuries. There was love of nation, love of flag. This love has became a love so valuable to be protected by regulation. When Turkey is talked about, our superb flag with a crescent and star involves thoughts. When one seems at him and remembers him, one can’t assist however swell up. Such a sacred flag for us takes a particular place in each half of our lives. Then “It has come from no matter legend it has come from.” says man. “It is good that it lastly got here. That is what issues!”


Our flag had a course of of formation. Sure, based on the data that has been instructed from the previous to the current, our flag was certainly fashioned. So not solely did we go to him, he additionally got here to us…

In truth, there isn’t a particular details about the story of our flag. There’s a lot to be instructed about him. The clearest data we will discover is that the crescent and star have been utilized by Turkish and Islamic states in historical past. Simply as the image of Christianity was the cross, Islam was additionally symbolized by the crescent and star. Now, let’s discuss his story, which has change into greater than only a rumor over time, a legend…

No matter occurred, it occurred in the First Kosovo Struggle, which passed off throughout the Ottoman Empire. As a result of at present, the one closest to our flag, which we proudly carry in our hearts and souls, which we defend by regulation, for which many blood has been shed, began for use for the first time after this battle…

History of the Turkish flag

(The visible that adorns the faculty partitions and tells the story of our flag)


In 1389, the alliance forces fashioned by Bosnian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian and Czech troopers united underneath the management of the Ottomans underneath the command of Murad-ı Hüdavendigar, generally known as Murad I, and the Serbs led by King Lazar (Lazar Hrebeljanovic). Thus, the First Kosovo Struggle started. Referred to as the Serbian Despot, King Lazar’s prominence as the solely energy in the area and the undeniable fact that he turned an increasing number of distinguished was disturbing the Ottoman Empire particularly. The unpredictable battle surroundings, formed by the situations of the interval, of course, smelled of blood. Though this was the final set off of the battle, based on historic sources, Murad I’s march on King Lazar in 1388 and the defeat of the Ottoman troops in Ploshnik in opposition to 30,000 troopers of the Serbian Despot and the King of Bosnia in 1387 had already ignited the wick of the battle. had fired. Now the scent of blood was stronger and crammed one’s nostril. In the Balkans, this primary victory in opposition to the Ottoman Empire was really the story of a fantastic alliance getting ready the floor for a fantastic battle. Listed below are the alliance forces, now united in opposition to the Ottomans…

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When the date confirmed Tuesday, June 15, 1389, the military led by Murad I and the allied Balkan military got here nose to nose on the Kosovo Plain. The battle surroundings, which began with arrows flying in the air, continued with the Ottomans drawing their swords. At the finish of the battle that lasted till the sundown, the Ottoman Empire, whereas imprisoning the Serbs in the pages of historical past, began its dominance that will final for hundreds of years.

When the battle was over, Serbian nobleman Milos Obilic approached Sultan Murad I by kissing his hand and saying that he needed to change into a Muslim. This was the first step in an assassination. In the subsequent step, he stabbed Murad I with a sudden transfer and martyred him on the spot. The nickname Hüdavendigar was given to Murad I after this second. His inner organs had been buried right here and his useless physique was transported to Bursa and buried. As well as, it could be written that this battle was received through the use of cannon in some sources. Nonetheless, there’s additionally data that an artillery corps was not but established in the Ottoman Empire at the moment…

1. In the war in Kosovo

The victory of this battle, which resulted in the loss of life of Murad I, belonged to the Ottomans. Sure, the Ottomans had received the battle; however 1000’s of troopers misplaced their lives together with their commanders. The troopers’ blood had crammed a pit. As the date confirmed June 28, the picture of Jupiter and the crescent moon that aligned in the sky was like a silhouette of our flag at present. This meant that our flag had come to honor us in that place the place we fought to the final drop of our blood. So we did not simply go to him, he got here to us. After that, in the following course of, II. Murad would settle for our flag as mirrored on the blood of our troopers.

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Sure, these tales are maybe a rumor; Nonetheless, in a while, analysis was accomplished to justify this rumor. As a result of it’s so thrilling that our flag, which is so significant to us, has such an excellent story! For instance, in a examine with superior astronomical devices, it was concluded that the place of the celestial our bodies in the skies of Kosovo at the moment was certainly according to the picture of our flag.

After all, there’s additionally data to create the reverse. For instance, on the one hand, the closest model of the Turkish Flag to its present use was in the 18th century, when the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire III. There’s data that it was throughout the Selim interval. Beneath this situation, the story of what occurred throughout the Kosovo Struggle can’t transcend a rumor. As a result of there isn’t a rationalization for the 400 years in between.

1. In the war in Kosovo

In truth, the which means that emerged from this legend and was clear as daylight was that it was not sufficient to name our flag crimson. As a result of he received his coloration from the blood of his martyrs. So any further, it needs to be devoted to those individuals who sacrificed their blood to the final drop with out hesitation to defend their flag and state. Over time, this concept gained acceptance. In truth, extra than simply acceptance, this thought was one of the highest emotions each Turk felt in his coronary heart. Because of this the coffins of the martyred troopers had been wrapped in the Turkish flag. As a result of individuals who sacrificed their blood and lives for him deserved this honor the most.

As well as, the crescent on our flag represented the faith of Islam, whereas the star was a logo of independence. Yildiz meant an individual standing upright with arms outstretched. This defined independence and confidence in the flag. Over time, the Turkish Flag has change into a reassuring image each for the folks of the nation and for our neighbors who love our nation.

1. In the war in Kosovo

After all, it could be extra right to say “take” right here, on a crimson background. The flag with a crescent and star was formally accepted in 1793 for the first time in the Ottoman Empire. Nonetheless, the flag didn’t have a five-pointed star as it’s now. Every part would regularly flip into what it’s at present. This flag, which was accepted with its 8-cornered type, was used as the official image of the Ottoman Empire.

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In 1839, many reforms had been being applied in the Ottoman Empire throughout the Tanzimat Interval. One of them was that in 1842, Sultan Abdülmecid had the 8-pointed star reworked right into a 5-pointed star any further. The form of the Ottoman flag was thus finalized.

1. In the war in Kosovo

After all, the legends do not finish relating to our flag! In response to one other legend, Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, noticed the form of our flag in his dream. Osman Gazi, who noticed a crescent and star seem on his chest that night time and his chest began to develop, had drained of his dream that his state would develop to dominate the complete world. Osman Gazi, who was very impressed by his dream, accepted it as an indication when he attributed such deep meanings and began to make use of the crescent and star on his flags.

1. In the war in Kosovo

In 1923, following the institution of the Republic of Turkey with the proclamation of the Republic, on Could 29, 1936, the Turkish flag started to be protected by regulation in phrases of its form and use. After the regulation handed on September 22, 1983, on January 25, 1985, the Council of Ministers made a brand new addition to this regulation concerning the dimensions of the flag.

Our flag was protected by Article 3 of the Structure of the Republic of Turkey. First of all, its form, dimension, coloration, material and materials had been specified. Elevating or reducing our flag, which we now have recognized from ceremonies since our childhood, was additionally amongst the articles of the similar regulation. Solely on November 10 and in different mourning conditions decided by the Prime Ministry, our flag could be hoisted…

Our flag is protected by many extra considerate gadgets like this one. After all, first of all, we reside on this nation the place we had been born, all the time feeling his presence right here. If we’re so emotionally connected to it, each rumor really factors to the proper path. Our flag has come to flutter in the hearts of all of us by crossing lengthy and arduous roads. This was undoubtedly the story of his start. He pointed to eternity in the coronary heart of each Turk and people who really feel Turkish…

It is good that…

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