Heart attack risk increases in hot weather

Hot summer season days, when the perceived air temperature exceeds 40 levels, triggers a coronary heart attack. With the deterioration of the physique’s warmth steadiness in the summer season months, the workload of the guts increases and particularly coronary heart sufferers expertise severe issues throughout these durations. Malatya Coaching and Analysis Hospital Chief Doctor Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Erdal Aktürk warned residents about what they need to and shouldn’t do on hot summer season days.


Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Erdal Aktürk acknowledged that the rising air temperatures in the summer season months disrupt the steadiness of the physique and enhance the risk of coronary heart attack, “Because of the acute enhance in temperature, the physique sweats to steadiness this temperature. When sweating, extreme water and mineral loss happens in the physique. This case increases blood coagulation and increases the workload of the guts, so coronary heart sufferers endure throughout this era. That is why coronary heart assaults are on the rise. Particularly, aged folks with risk components must be cautious a few coronary heart attack, shouldn’t exit in these weather situations, and may seek the advice of a heart specialist after they have complaints equivalent to chest ache, shortness of breath, and extreme sweating. mentioned.

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Aktürk warned that coronary heart sufferers shouldn’t exit in the course of the hours when the solar is at its most intense and to make use of coronary heart drugs fastidiously. “Sufferers with coronary heart illness who’re handled and steady must be cautious in this hot weather. It shouldn’t exit in the course of the hours when the solar is essentially the most intense and the temperature is at its highest. If they’re going out, they need to exit in the morning or in the night cool. After they exit, they need to put on light-colored unfastened and cotton garments, and ensure that the physique sweats comfortably and doesn’t preserve the warmth. If obligatory, for instance, when it’s obligatory to exit, we advocate that you just shield your self from the solar with a hat, umbrella and solar rays. Additionally, they need to take loads of fluids and keep away from drinks that enhance the workload of the guts, equivalent to caffeine and alcohol. As a result of the physique loses it. Meals wants consideration. They need to keep away from frying heavy meals, heavy meals with loads of protein. They should eat a lighter eating regimen of greens and fruits. As well as, since many medicine utilized by coronary heart sufferers for coronary heart illnesses throughout this era additionally decrease blood stress, it’s essential to seek the advice of a health care provider and scale back using these medicine, though it’s obligatory. In any other case, our coronary heart sufferers could endure as a result of it should decrease blood stress very critically.” used the phrases.

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Heart attack risk increases in hot weather #2


Expressing that using masks restricts oxygen consumption in the course of the Covid-19 interval and that each lung and coronary heart sufferers are victims, Aktürk mentioned, “The masks, after all, restricts oxygen consumption. Particularly if they’ve each coronary heart and lung illnesses, they’re actually victims. These complaints enhance throughout exertion. Due to this fact, if the gap is noticed in open areas, they’ll take off their masks. Once more, we advocate that they spend much less effort, particularly in busy environments, as masks should be used. Nonetheless, after they take note of distance and hygiene, they’ll simply take away their masks, particularly in out of doors environments. he mentioned.

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